Did anyone see 'Haunting of Molly Hartley'?

Because I’d like to know how it ends. The thing is, I know nothing about this movie beyond what I’ve read in this MSNBC review, which I clicked because it says the ending is an interesting twist. Except that the review very rudely withholds the mentioned twist, and I feel cheated. I want to know what happens without sitting through the apparently extremely boring movie that precedes. Unfortunately I can’t find any reviews on IMDB or anywhere else just yet to satisfy my curiosity for climaxes unearned. Help me Qt3, you’re my only hope!


Ending isn’t up there yet, but give it a few days and I’m sure it will be.

Check the IMDB boards (bottom of the movie page). I’m sure they are ripe with spoilers and discussion about the ending.

Hey, good call Cartman – I had been looking at the external reviews page to see if anyone was spoiling the ending in the reviews somewhere. Didn’t occur to me to check the boards, but of course! Thanks dude!

Incidentally, glad I didn’t actually go see the movie.

got dragged to see this by my date last night who insisted on seeing a “scary movie”. I had wanted to see Zack and Miri instead and after the movie she promised she would never pick the movie again.

I’ll just say the ending was kinda stupid and almost seemed like it was a last minute reshoot or something and we were both a bit dumbfounded by it.

Wasnt as bad as Cold Creek Manor which is still the champion for worst date movie in my record book.

Neighbors wanted to go see this, so the wife and I went as well. The first half of the movie will be part of my life I never will get back. However, once I realized that this movie was a comedy, it was pretty good.