Did anyone try Tom Clancy's HawX?

I’ve seen some screenies, but my HDD is full right now, so I can’t try it out myself. How does it compare to Ace Combat? Does the flight model feel like Wing Commander, or does it convey the feeling of flying an aircplane with at least a bit of realism? Has it got lots and lots of radio chatter? That’s one of those things I really really dig in games like this.

Other HawX thread.

Oh, gee! Thanks for that!

The demo is out for PC and is quite good.

The engine is pretty and well performing, with no slow downs or hitching. The problems of this game are all in the gameplay, I guess.

In proper flight sim the cockpit reduces visibility, but at least it provides a lot of useful infos. In this game the cockpit is only eyecandy and doesn’t even have a HUD (that is instead present in 1st person view). So I was juggling between the three cameras (1st person, cockpit and 3d person) without finding one that satisfied me. 3d person also has no camera control and you can’t zoom in/out. Similar suck for the cockpit mode, you can move the camera around, but it’s not easy and you are limited to the sides so you can’t see who’s on the tail.

It’s quite good but I need to know if the actual game has deeper gameplay as it progresses. Right now it’s all eyecandy. What’s on screen isn’t counted in gameplay. You aren’t looking at the visual while playing, just at the UI signals. The action is so chaotic that you really aren’t performing any real maneuvering. Just target something and try to lock on it.

Like one of those laserdisk games where you only have to fire at the right time while a movie goes on onscreen.

Any proper reviews coming?