Did Gamepen blow up?

Did the plaigairism hoopla shut it down? :wink:

I started visiting when Geryk wrote his Therapy articles there and still check back now and again. It has been MIA for a week or two now.

On Thursday September 5, Gamepen.com went offline due to a ‘corrupted database and/or server’ issue. UGO owns the GamePen.com domain and also provides webhosting.

UGO has told me they are continuing to work on the box but there is no time frame. Needless to say, I’m just as frustrated repeating that as I’m sure our readers are hearing it, but I can only work with what I’m told.

We hope that this week things will be normal, but that’s about the best I can do.

Thanks Dan. I remember the 5th. You guys had a black page up with some headlines, I think. That sucks ass as I know you guys have been having email troubles, too.

Plus, you have missed out on some great chances to make fun of the administration as you guys are want to do. :)

Hope you all get fixed up soon. :)

Yes, that’s correct. At that time the database was corrupted. At this point I have no idea.

Oh yeah…I’ve been chompin’ to beat up on Republicans. LOL. Maybe I should just rant here instead. ;)