Did I fry my mobo?

Okay, I’m a dumbass.

Got a new processor, flashed the BIOS, inserted the processor and booted it up. Far out it recognized it. Everything looks good. Screen says to enter CMOS and save. Well I entered the CMOS and exited without saving. Now when I boot it up I get nothing. Black screen, no POST, no beeps, jack shit. I tried to clear the CMOS with the jumper setting but no dice. So did I fuck up royally or what? Any thoughts?

I should probably wait 'til the real experts show up, but…I’d doubt it. If resetting via the jumper didn’t help, I wouldn’t think it’s related to what you did. Did you make sure the RAM didn’t come un-seated? Sounds like it might be RAM related.

Naturally, I could be mistaken, but I wouldn’t worry too much yet.

  1. Pop all the memory out, then pop them back in. If that doesn’t work…
  2. Pop the video card out, then pop it back in. If that doesn’t work…
  3. Your BIOS flash might be full of garbage. If your motherboard has a dualBIOS feature, you can restore the previous BIOS.

I’ll let the expert experts talk you through THAT.

I unplugged the computer’s power and unattached the power supply cord to the motherboard. I set the CMOS reset jumper and left it for the day. I came back and reset everything and it fired right up. I guess I needed more time for all the power to dissipate from the board. Thanks for the suggestions.