Did Katie Holmes have a stroke?

I just rewatched Batman Begins and I couldn’t get over how distracting Katie Holmes’ face is. It’s as if half of it is paralyzed or something… like what happens to stroke victims.

Or is that just one of the side effects of reaching level 1.3 in the scientology?

In general, if one sees a celebrity that appears to be a stroke victim, botox should be the first suspect. Though Katie Holmes does seem rather young to be hitting the botox hard.

They’ve been selling botox to teenagers as a preventative measure against aging in the future.

Ugh. Every once in awhile I wish I could unread something, just so it wouldn’t haunt me.

She had a stroke, never was pregnant, and is trying to pretend she is.

Katie Holmes has never been able to move more than half her face. See: Dawson’s Creek

I agree, I thought she looked odd as well in BB (more than usualy, that is).

it’s a damn shame l ron hubbard’s already dead, otherwise i’d kill him

Yeah, that’s just her face. It’s distracting though, I agree.

When I saw the thread title cut off at “Did Katie Holmes have a…” I thought it was going to be breast reduction, and I was going to cry a little.

i would like to stroke katie holmes

just for the record

urgh, she’s tainted meat now. You lot are welcome to her.

(If the beard accusations arent true that is)

No kidding. The Gift wasn’t Cate Blanchett’s clairvoyance, it was Holmes’ bouncing boobies.

Doesn’t that make her untainted meat? Unless you’re disturbed by the turkey baster, that is.

Because someone was going to do it at some point:

Goldstein: Sorry, kids. We ain’t goin’ nowhere. We’re watching ‘The Gift’. Supposedly Katie Holmes shows her titties in this movie.
Harold: Is that all you Jews ever think about? Tits?
Rosenberg: Katie Holmes is a nice, respectable, wholesome girl… and I’m gonna see her boobs.
Goldstein: The things I would eat out of her ass! You have no idea!
Rosenberg: Ugh! That is a completely vulgar statement.
Goldstein: So is, “I wanna bang Britney Spears on the bathroom floor,” but it’s true.
Rosenberg: Touché.

Kumar: How were Katie Holmes’ tits?
Goldstein: You know the Holocaust?
Kumar: Yeah?
Goldstein: Picture the opposite of that!
Kumar: Nice!

That was such a great movie. It really needed Katie Holmes in it.

She’s maybe mentally tainted thanks to L. Ron Hubbard’s crew, but it’s not like I haven’t fucked mental chicks before. As for tainting tha taint, it’s not like Tom is going to do anything to her once the cameras are off and he’s in the privacy of his own home.

Disturbed by a turkey baster…<shudder>

“Those aren’t real, yes they are.”