Did my first Vista repair call today!

That didn’t take long! Okay, nothing major, I just had to show the man where all the stuff he’s used to was moved for no apparent reason. It was a tutorial kind of thing.

He got himself a new Core 2 Duo PC, 2 Gigs or RAM, 24" monitor and whatnot… and mostly played Bejeweled on it. It looked ok at 1920x1200.

It took less than 48 hours to see WinAntiSpyWare 2006 and a few other viruses on Vista machines here.

In the first case, the client declined our suggestion for security software as well as setting up a separate non-admin account for his 13 year old son, who just went ahead and clicked CONTINUE to every UAC prompt warning him about spyware installing while he looked for game cracks.

Clicking on the UAC prompts without reading them is exactly what many said would happen.