Did Postal 2 really sell well?

Anyone have the real numbers? I keep reading that Postal 2 was a smash hit! Of course this is on the RWS website, that the developers make the claim. So how well did the game sell?


There’s no way to tell for sure.

Since it wasn’t really carried by the usual game retailers, the “game” doesn’t appear in NPD data.

The only thing I heard is they made 50,000 copies and sold out of them almost right away.

It was carried by EB/EBX. Are there others? :)


It was carried by EB/EBX. Are there others? :)

Heh heh… not really… but I’m not sure EB reports to NPD anymore. I’ll dig around and see what I can confirm.

I hate it when bad games sell well. It reminds me of how stupid people are :).

I liked the concept of Postal 2, I just thought it was executed poorly. It seemed to me that they got so wrapped up in “being shocking” that it came away with not really being much at all. I played it for about an hour though so perhaps it went to the crapper on the second level :)

The game that feels like a mod.

oh that reminds me… I still have to delete that shit from my computer.

And I wouldn’t be at all suprised if it did sell well… I remember how GTA3 got banned here for a bit, no one had even heard of it, yet when it was re-released it became one of the most popular games to be played.

It just proves what Womens Mags have been about for years… People love controversy.