Did soup can sizes change?

Even real ice cream is messed with structurally. You can use gas technology in your manufacturing to structure the ice cream to hold tinier air pockets, so it looks and acts more like hard ice cream but is less dense so is less tasty and melts weird. It’s also used to do some interesting flavor mixing, so it’s not an entirely dishonestly used technology.

Yes. Ice Cream has been crap for the last 15 years or more. It’s texture and taste is nothing like it used to be when I was a kid.

Because half of it is seaweed extract.

I like “hard” ice cream. Not a fan of the fluffy, low density varieties. I think European ice cream has more ice and less cream in general.

Count me in with the rest of you, I hate the consistency of ice cream these days. I also hate that it melts literally before you can get it in the bowl. I’m sure that is a byproduct of something they are doing. The times I really notice it are when I occasionally get a Blizzard during the summer months. I tend to get a big one, eat part of it and put it back in the freezer. When getting it back out it’s hard as a ROCK and very filling insofar as ice cream servings go. So either DQ is using better quality ice cream or the process of making the Blizzards gets rid of something. Maybe it’s that excess air?

Old ice cream was like a brick that you slowly defrosted on the counter just to scrape the top with a ice cream spoon for cool shavings of it in your bowl.

Is this why cans of broth are “about 2 cups”, but aren’t 2 cups? Which is annoying as shit.

So much this. I need 12 oz, and the can is 10.5. So I need 2 cans, and I toss the other 8.5 oz? Or I let it sit in my fridge thinking I’ll use it soon, and toss it a week later.

The solution is stop cooking.

EDIT: I’ll add one more thing here. Impossible Burger. Which is great, btw, but it’s $9 a package. And the package is 12 oz, not 16. I need 1 lb of beef for my recipe, which means 2 Impossible packages.

Impossible Burger is fucking awesome btw, and this is from a life long meat eater. It has all the flavor and texture and you don’t feel like sleepy garbage after eating it like you do from ground beef.

Is “usefulness in recipes” not a core concern for Campbell’s anymore? They print recipes on the cans, so you’d think they would scale that recipe to the new can size in some way.

Cooking is like an art. A small difference isn’t likely going to drastically change a recipe although people who grew up with one a very specific way might notice. Baking on the other hand, quite different.

Also… the younger generations don’t often use Campbell’s.

I haven’t purchased something from Campbell’s in… years.

Yeah. My gf still eats their Chunky line of soups occasionally as a Sadness Meal, but I haven’t had to cook with one of their soups in ages. But they’re definitely fucking over decades of well-reviewed, much-shared recipes when they screw around with can sizes via the GSSR (Grocery Store Shrink Ray)

I have to say it wouldn’t occur to me to use a pre-made soup in a recipe. If I buy a pre-made soup, I just eat it.

It’s usually the condensed stuff you see in the Boomer+ recipes. They come from very common cookbooks of the time like Taste of Home, Better Homes and Betty Crocker kind of thing. Those green bean casseroles won’t make themselves!

Well, yeah, I don’t eat green bean casserole.

Yeah. I see lots of chowders that start with Campbell’s Cream of Potato soup, for instance. Plus the green bean casserole that Nesrie mentioned. Saw a chicken n dumplings recipe that kicked off with their cream of chicken soup, etc.

I think I’ve missed most of this shrinkage because the vast majority of my food intake comes from the “outer edge” of the grocery store: dairy (cheese), meat, produce. Most of that is purchased by weight, so isn’t impacted by shrinkage. One of the few exceptions being canned tomatoes, but I haven’t seen much of a change there.

I have some fond memories of the old stuff but this:

Is where I kind of short-cut things myself. I am more likely buy canned tomatoes than canned soup. I make my own cream sauces these days, and I don’t know about the canned cheese stuff. I just use… cheese.

I don’t want to disparage those older recipes. I just chose a different route when I started cooking away from home. I also have those types of cookbooks because the basics and the flavor profiles are still there.

Most of the year the canned tomatoes are your best bet if you’re making soup/sauce stuff with tomatoes in it. If it’s july-september and you can get tomatoes that are fresh and actually have flavor, then I love to buy them to make gazpacho or fresh tomato sauce. Otherwise no shame in buying canned product.

Yeah I do the whole tomato these days and then just crush it with my fingers. It’s good stress relief!

I agree though if they shrank those cans recently, I have not noticed, although I tend to buy the organic version on sale which might be a tad smaller than the other ones already.

What do you prepare when you are really, really angry?

At my grocery store Campbell’s has huge displays pushing certain soups as the base to recipes.