Did Space Rangers fuck me? Grrr

My DVD drive wont play VIDEO dvds anymore, or burn dvds, data, video or otherwise. It is farily new and was working dandy. The only thing that changed since the last time it worked is installing space rangers 2, which uses starforce. Previously, I’d only but SF games if they were cracked, and then I’d dl the entire damned pirate copy to play. (worked for SH3) This one I just guessed SF was not screwing anyone too badly anymore and did not feel like waiting for someone to crack an obscure game. This is what I get for assuming shit works.

I uninstalled it and removed starforce but it did not help… Any ideas? I need to burn to back up crap, and I need to be able to read video DVDs to rip things for the PSP. It does read the SR2 dvd fine and the BF2 dvd, as well as my HL2 steam backup DVD, so it isnt broken, but I cant for the life of me fix it.

Any common problems that might cause this? I’ve also tried among other things, uninstalling my DVD software and re-installing it (nero and dvd whateverthefuckits called that plays dvds)