Did The Witcher 2 make you think about upgrading your PC?

Right there in the title (for me, yes).

It made me think about it but it ran well enough that my cheap side won out.

I was thinking of upgrading for Skyrim, but then I realized that the game is designed to run on xbox 360, and while my PC will be near 3 years old when Skyrim is released, the xbox will be 6 years old. So Skyrim should run just fine on my PC. Sure it would be nice to max out the draw distance, but its also nice to have an extra $2000 in my pocket.

I can keep applying that logic to any multiplatform game, at least until I see a great looking new game running on beastly PC and get the sudden urge to spend money.

I love the current hardware cycle. A 3 year old PC used to be a pile of junk back in the day.


I was pleasantly surprised. I still haven’t needed to upgrade the machine I bought in Oct 2009 - Core i7 920 @ 3.8ghz, 6gb RAM, 1gb GTX285 - as it ran Crysis 2 and now Witcher 2 at 1680*1050 really well. The only setting I switched off in W2, was the ubersampling, everything else is maxed out. So, no, I don’t think I’ll bother upgrading for a little while yet, though a faster gfx card and an SSD system disk are on the horizon.

I’ve currently set Battlefield 3 as my upgrade milestone. Witcher 2 tempted me, but ran great even on relatively high settings. When the time comes, I’ll probably do a full overhaul with a new motherboard, processor, memory and graphics card. Might make the jump to SSD as well.

No, but Magicka fucking did, holy crap.

Bought a new video card, but not just for The Witcher 2, I had BF3 also in mind.

Same here. I was all set to order a replacement for my radeon 4890 before the game came out. But it runs on High at 20-30+ fps. So I’m happy to wait for a more substantial upgrade of my machine

Probably early 2012.


Like Tony, Skyrim is the one that’s making me think about upgrading. We’ll have to see what kind of view distance I can squeeze out of this 3 year old hardware.

I thought about it & it barely runs on my PC even on really low settings, which do not bother me. I am however skint.

I wish I had bought a better machine in the first place though.

The Witcher 2? It runs fine at high detail with a three year cpu and a two year graphic card.

At first, I was scared. It was very slow, and the chest of geralt was low res like a 2001 game.

But after some optimizing and configuration, it run now fast and pretty… but not smooth. I have voted “yep” because that was my initial reaction.

No. I have a fairly consistent upgrade cycle and almost never run into anything that stresses out my computer at the relatively low resolutions I run (1440x900 lately). When I do, it’s more often that the game’s poorly optimized or trying to do too much than it is that I’d gain much speed from newer parts.

$2000? Surely not.

i2500K - $225
GTX 570 - $350
8 GB RAM - $150
Vertex 2 SSD - $210

You could add in a high quality monitor to hit $2000. Or a couple of consoles of course :) I wonder if Skyrim will support that ATI 3-screen thing…

By the time I’ve run through my extensive backlog, it may be time to upgrade my CD2 2.4 Ghz / 5770 / XP system to play The Witcher 2 sometime in 2013. I’d better play the first one too.

I don’t think TonyM was being serious with the 2000$ price tag.

frustratingly, I have my sweet as new PC all built in prep for the witcher 2, BUT NO COPY OF THE GAME YET!! Hurry up Royal Mail!

in fairness, witcher 2 was just the catalyst for a long overdue upgrade. I was still running XP and a dual core Athlon 64 2800+ (which held up really well)

I wasn’t going to upgrade, but my wife took pity on me when I noted that the auto config tool suggested low settings. I’m playing on medium just fine, but she went ahead and started buying parts to get me a proper upgrade. She’s been muttering about ssd’s lately so I’m sure those wont be far out now either.

I was actually basing that off the cost of my last PC. I live in Australia, and 2 1/2 years ago the Australian dollar was worth alot less. Plus we get ripped off in Oz as you’ve probably heard us moan about before.

I’ve got no idea how much it would cost now. I only research PC components for the month before I buy, and then never look at them again until the next upgrade. Games excite me, tech doesn’t.

With the higher Australian dollar and the greater competition provided by internet mail order (both within and outside Oz) I guess you’re right that I’ll pay less this time around.


~$1600 now, I just did it. Prices in Oz for parts are actually good at the moment.

Although, really you can probably do it for a few hundred less, particularly if not getting SSD.


I’m the same, I read toms hardware etc about once every three years.