Did Wumpus get banned?

Just curious.

We can only hope :D

Cookiepants did, however.

In this thread:


Where you will be told to keep it in that thread :-).

Industry Dwarf

Okay, folks, here’s the scorecard.

The following people are no longer welcome to post on these forums (i.e. they have been banned): Derek Smart, Bill Huffman, wumpus, Met_K, Captain Cookiepants, and Cleve Blakemore.

They were all asked to, basically, chill out. Each of them refused, either directly (e.g. an email/PM saying ‘no, I won’t, so you can just ban me’, which was what happened with Met_K and Cookiepants) or indirectly (e.g. initially agreeing and then violating the spirit or letter of the agreement, which is what happened with Derek, Cleve, Bill, and wumpus).

There are no other outstanding warnings, bannings, probations, whatever. We will not ban people because you disagree with their politics. We will not ban people because you don’t like them or because they made you look like a fool. We will not ban people because they call us names or discuss the way the forum is run. We will not ban Brian Koontz for his strident calls for ‘full disclosure’, or whatever it is he wants. We will not ban Jason McCullough for being too left or Dan Morris for being too right.

If things get out of hand, Mark or I will ask you to please chill. We will be polite. We will not be arbitrary. We will try to be clear about what we expect. We will even discuss it with you. It will not be a personal vendetta thing. We’re pretty easy-going guys. If anything, we’re easy-going to a fault.

We didn’t like doing this. We think all of the above people had something valuable to contribute to the board, particularly wumpus(!). But the bottom line is that it’s our backyard and if you can’t honor that, you don’t have the right to be here.


P.S. I’ll lay 3-1 odds this thread hits 200 posts before the weekend is out.

Tom’s backyard is very large. And he’s still a nancy lad.

Oh god, dont ban me :wink:

You’d better not ban me for being too far right – I’ve never voted for a Republican in my life, and never will.

P.S. I’m heartened to see Tom Chick in a situation in which negotiations have failed and force was necessary. :wink:

You’d better not ban me for being too far right – I’ve never voted for a Republican in my life, and never will.

You’re like mobile artillery; you’ve got that whole ‘shoot and scoot’ political approach going, so I never can figure out where you’re coming from.

I’m heartened to see Tom Chick in a situation in which negotiations have failed and force was necessary.

Fortunately, we’ve got Haliburton coming in to rebuild the forums.


But Republicans have voted for you Daniel!

Continued from here to boost Tom’s Koontz score…

I like to think that wumpus is in his basement standing on a computer chair giving pretend speeches to his oppressed brethren.

Incidentally Tom, I’d like to be considered the poster boy for the right-wing since Daniel is obviously unqualified.

Have I mentioned that I have to sit next to Cathcart all day?

Dang, I followed Cathcarts lead and missed the forest for the trees. All the good banning stuff is in this very thread.

Tom, please don’t ban Dan for whatever reasons. Who else amoung us is so easy to wind up?

But Republicans have voted for you Daniel![/quote]

Hold on. Is Daniel claiming you can believe as he does and agree with his stances and not vote Republican? Inconceivable. Surely that is not possible. If message board posts are good for anything, it is for pigeon-holing people because of the beliefs they profess in those posts. If this simple rule does not hold true, it’ll be anarchy I tell ya’. ANARCHY!!!

I’ve never voted Republican in my life either and I find myself agreeing with Mr. Morris, Grenz, and Rywill far more often than Jason and Tim. Next you’ll tell me Tim and Jason do not vote Democrat. :) That is, of course, seriously not possible.

Hey maybe we can use this thread for catharsis. You know, since those guys won’t be back, now everyone can get in the last word on any agruments they were having with the recently banned. Or the people who were too shy to post for fear of being Murphed can tell wumpus what they thought of him. That’s gotta be fun.

WarioWare rocks.

Pink Floyd sucks.

The right wing just called. They say you have to change your name to something cooler if you want to be poster boy. May I suggest Spouychop?

This is cooler?


Maybe I’ll change my handle to “Vicodin.”

Also, FOUR of the top 20 posters have now been banned. This is way good news for the dudes around 1000. I only need 174 more posts before I get to where Met_k was.

I can do that next week while I’m at work!

Four of the top twenty but only two of the top 10 and Smart’s rapidly dropping back into the pack. Thank goodness I built up such a large early lead. :)


one more step on the road to two-hundred.

This is cooler?


Well, not really. But I would find it amusing. :)