Did you buy Naked Juice since 2007? You could get $75!

Naked Juice and Pepsi settled a set of class action lawsuits. Apparently, they were stretching the definition of “all natural” and “non-GMO” on their bottles.

Naked Juice has agreed to change the future labeling, advertising, and marketing of the Eligible Products so that on a going forward basis, Naked Juice does not use labeling, advertising, or marketing claiming that the Eligible Products are “All Natural” (including the “All Natural,” “All Natural Fruit,” and “All Natural Fruit + Boosts” statements). Naked Juice will also establish a product verification program to confirm the Non-GMO statement on Naked Juice product labels, hire or assign a quality control manager to oversee the independent testing process for the Naked Juice product line, and establish and maintain a central database to permit the electronic tracking and verification of product ingredients.


“Our juices and smoothies are made with all-natural fruits and vegetables-with no added sugar and no preservatives,” the company spokeswoman said in a statement. “In some products, we also include an added boost of vitamins. Naked juice and smoothies will continue to be labeled ‘non-GMO,’ and until there is more detailed regulatory guidance around the word ‘natural’ We’ve chosen not to use ‘All Natural’ on our packaging.”

You can file a claim online. If you still have proof of puchase (LOL) you can get $75. If you don’t have proof, you may still get $45!

I’ve looked at the Naked Juice offerings, and not been tempted. Most looked like they’d taste like grass run through a blender, and the labeling tended to reinforce that impression.

I was curious once and tried the orange juice. Super-pulpy. To the point that it felt like there was powder settling at the bottom. Gross. Home-squeezed orange juice was less pulpy and better tasting.

Screwing up orange juice takes some talent.

Maybe not. Go to a grocery store and look at how many different OJ’s are offered. Lot’s of them are not very good.

No receipts, but fairly certain about having imbibed at least few units of said product in past 6 years.

Gave $45 claim form a whirl.

With any luck, will be nearly 50 bucks richer in next few weeks/months, or, perhaps more likely, gunned down by crisp, refreshing, Pepsi-brand assassins.

Most “orange juice” is from concentrate. The ones that aren’t are still cooked to Pasteurize them. The only real orange juice is squeezed at home. The rest is sugar and acid.

Actually they almost all taste the same, like apple juice. As that’s the #1 ingredient on just about all those drinks. Which is why I always get a kick out of the, “No sugar added” blurb on the front, seeing as how apple juice is pretty much just sugar water.

We have Naked Juice on constant supply at work. It is pretty good stuff. The Green Machine is actually pretty tasty though it looks like crap. Red Machine is probably my favorite though.
I don’t pay for it, but at the free price it is definitely worth it.

I bought these fairly regularly while in college. Probably spent more than $100 on them between 2007 and 2008. Claim filed!

OK, a question for those of you who are filing claims:

Do you actually feel injured? Did you drink it only because it was “all natural,” and you feel the juice has somehow damaged you because it’s less than that? For that matter, do you know exactly how it’s unnatural? Because I don’t, the class action description seemed to be lacking that information.

Who cares, let’s get money.

Of course, it’s all the fault of the attorneys. The average citizen bears no responsibility with regard to our overly litigious society.

Maybe if I drank it I would’ve felt injured. If I recall these drinks cost like $4-5 for a small bottle. So you’re damn right I would’ve felt duped when I’m paying that much for something that is being falsely advertised. And no I’m not going to go around researching every little thing I drink and eat to make sure to make sure I know where how it’s made and where it comes from especially when it can be a bit of an impulse buy at the store.

I used to buy 12-packs of these from Costco from time to time. From reports I’ve read, they were adding synthetic fiber and soy and vitamins to their juice and labeling it “100% juice” and “all-natural”. Do I feel injured? I dunno. Probably didn’t do me any harm. Was I duped by boringly common corporate bullshit and doublespeak? Sure.

Anyway, the money’s going into a fund to be paid out whether I feel injured or not, so I guess I might as well get some.

Yeah. Those things are really expensive and I feel fully justified in filing a claim. They charged a premium based on their advertizing as a premium, all natural product. If that wasn’t actually the case I was getting ripped off.