Did you vote?

very nice

Yeah, I voted, if only to defeat the embarrassing “politically correct coffee” proposition. Yes, I live in Berkeley.

Other than that small victory, these were the kind of election results that tend to drive me back towards computer games and TV and away from the real world.

What, pray tell, was this proposition about?

It would have restricted coffee sales in Berkeley to only fair-trade, shade-grown coffee. Any coffee vendor found in violation could conceivably have been sentenced to up to 6 months in jail.

It made national headlines because Those Wacky Leftists In Berzerkley always makes for good copy.

Nice to know Californians still have too much time on their hands. :-)

I live in DuPage County, Illinois, which is widely reputed to be per-capita the most Republican county in the nation. All county-wide offices and the Congressional seat are held by Republicans, and the Democrats often don’t even bother putting up candidates to oppose them.

I alway vote Democratic for three reasons: 1) I enjoy being contrary; 2)I was brought up a Democrat, and 3) I despise my neighbors who were also brought up Democrats in the city, then moved out to DuPage and started voting their wallets. :wink:

True story: My wife once asked for the Democratic ballot for a primary election and the poll judge said, “I’m not sure we have any of those.”

Despite the national Republican victory, yesterday’s story in Illinois was 180-degrees different. Democrats now control, for the first time in most people’s memory, the governor’s mansion and both houses of the legislature. My neighbors are gnashing their teeth. I love it. :twisted:

Hey J I’m in Dupage too, and its predominately Republican with spurts of Democrats. Although in the 2000 prez election, I was surprised at some senior citizens in my area (Downers Grove area) goign around promoting Democrats… mainly for Social Security and healthcare issues. But yeah Dupage is GOP country.

I only vote Democrat because I have a heart that bleeds! Or I think it does…


Only the Northern Californians. Us Southern Californians are too busy filling our lives with material possessions and transient rewards to care.

Northern California: pot and shade-grown coffee.

Southern California: coke and hookers.