Die Hard 5 - A Good Day to Die Hard

McClane faces his greatest challenge ever, this time on an international stage, when his estranged son Jack is caught up in the daring prison escape of a rogue Russian leader, and father and son McClane must work together to keep each other alive and keep the world safe for democracy.

No Russian!

Varro is John McClane’s son?

I’m surprised they haven’t just rebooted this entire thing. That said, I think they should just stop it.

Well at least he wasn’t surfing a fighter jet, at least not that we saw in the trailer.

This is what it’s called? Really? I’ll watch it, because I love Die Hard, but wow.

Why do these have to be about his kids?

They should just start naming them “Shit Blows Up REAL GOOD Die Hard”

When the pyrotechnics are the star, just hand the keys to Michael Bay.

I resemble this remark.

This one too.

If they’d bring back Samuel L Jackson to reprise Zeus from DH3, that would be a Die Hard to see.

Maybe it’s sort of like Star Trek. Only here only the odd numbered ones are good.

This will be an odd-numbered one.

I liked the first four, so I will give this one a chance. Moore does not inspire much confidence though. Max Payne still hurts.

Ouch. This looks like the 2012 equivalent of Die Hard 2. A bad 80’s action movie shoe-horned into the franchise.

But then, nothing could be worse than the absurdity that was the 4th Die Hard. Hopefully this is the one that kills the franchise.

I actually liked Die Hard 2. Then again, I actually liked the 4th one. You could say I’m a die hard fan.

I felt the 4th one was ok till the jet / highway part.

Die hard movies are best when there is a good villain.

1 and 3 had good villains , 2 and 4 sucky villains.

I liked Olyphant as the villian in 4! Then again, I was very entertained by the jet/highway part. /shrug

I like this series for the ridiculous shit and Bruce Willis’s reaction to it, so 4 was pretty good on that metric. On the other hand, the other thing I like is charismatic villains, and I thought Olyphant failed pretty hard at that. So my ranking goes:

3 (lots of ridiculous shit and villainous charisma)
1 (charisma, small amt of ridiculous shit)
4 (plenty of ridiculous shit, no charisma)
2 (pretty much nothing)

I’m kinda there with you man.

this is a very good listing order!

On Valentine’s Day? YES! Finally a movie that isn’t a rom-com that my wife will actually want to go see on Valentine’s Day.

Wow, I didn’t even catch the Klingonness of the title, my girlfriend did. Hahahaha