Die Hard 5 - A Good Day to Die Hard

Sounded like a Christmas movie at first with the music selection.

Haven’t they all been set at Christmas time?

No way. I think the third one was just some random day of the week. The 4th one was during Independence Day.

Side note: when I said Christmas movie, I meant, a movie set to be released during the xmas holiday season.

Oh. I just remember the first 2 being set at Christmas. Couldn’t remember about time of year for 3/4. Now that I think about it, they had that whole water-jug puzzle in 3 in the middle of a sunny park.

I also think 3 is the best. Zeus is the perfect sidekick to John McClane. Foul mouth, funny and street wise, Zeus basically is a clone of John McClane. Now if there are THREE of those in the next Die Hard movie, the third being a woman, then it is instant win.

Yeah, 3 is my favorite as well which is why the fourth was such a kick in the balls. The third got away from John McClane, ACTION HERO! and got back to John McClane, average Joe cop, down on his luck, sucked up into extraordinary circumstances. That, to me is what makes the first and third movies so good.

As for time of year, the third one starts with Summer in The City and the heatwave is something of a plot element.

The only good one was the first. Set in one location, takes place basically in real time. I hated that they abandoned that motif after the second one.

Part of the problem is that 3 was never written as a Die Hard script to begin with; it was originally titled Simon Says. The producers bought it and adapted it to be a Die Hard.

And I thought they did a splendid job.

Agreed. It’s certainly better than the second or fourth Die Hard.

I liked 3, but I thought it fizzled a bit at the end at the truck stop.

Fun fact: the sleek, sexy blonde assassin in 3? She went on to sing all those cutsey “Lalala” musical interludes on Gilmore Girls.

Oh yeah, Aimee Mann, awesome singer.

Same here. It bothered me a lot when I originally saw the movie, but I’ve found that over time I stopped caring about the ending. The rest of the movie is so good that I don’t care that the ending fizzles. I just always turn it off after the big boat sinks and McLane loses. I always found that to be a better ending anyway.


OH god dammit, you’re right, I always get those confused.

Isn’t there also a bizarre alternate ending where McClane forces Simon to play Russian RPG Roulette with him?

Well, apparently DH2 & DH4 were also only adapted to include John McClane, with DH5 being the first sequel actually written for the character…

Den of Geek has an interesting breakdown of the movies.

…if you ever thought, while sitting through the sequels, that they’re all very different in tone and style from each other, there’s a very good reason for that…

No Kevin Smith? Pass.

That is a great link, thanks.

Marking the first time in history that phrase has been uttered.