Die Hard 5: The Hardening

A Good Day To Die Hard,” coming Feb 2013.

  • Die Hard 5 will be titled A Good Day to Die Hard
  • Shooting begins in January 2012
  • The sequel will be released on February 14th, 2013 (Valentine’s Day).
  • The story is set in Russia and begins with John McClane heading to Moscow to sweet talk some cops into letting his apparently-wayward son out of jail for something he did, but when he gets there, things surrounding his son’s arrest are not as they appear and world-threatening terrorist hijinks ensue.
  • McClane, Jr. has yet to be cast.
  • They still don’t know if it will be rated PG-13 or R.

McClane, Jr. has yet to be cast.

Shia Labeouf. Calling it now!

Ashton Kutchner should be his son! They’ve both had the same old lady.

The movie premise sounds totally awesome! Also, love the title!

I can’t wait.

This makes me realize how perfect Willis would have been as Jack Reacher ten years ago.

I’m so there opening weekend. Love all the Die Hard movies.

Haha, oh well, why not? I’ll probably see it opening weekend too. I think I’d probably like the plot synopsis more if they used Mary Elizabeth Winstead as his daughter again, though, instead of a previously unmentioned son.

Day one for me, I’ve enjoyed every Die Hard movie, and other than the fighter jet / highway scene in movie 4, they are mostly believable in my mind.

I didn’t even know they made a fourth one.

The unmentioned son that’s seen in the first movie and referenced (as going by his mother’s name, Jack Gennero rather than John McClane Jr) in the fourth movie?

Sounds like a movie about priapism.

Wait, so there are people that liked the last one?

The 4th movie was fun. It was barely a Die Hard movie. The first 3 follow the same essential formula, John is a good cop with good instincts who is just the “wrong guy, in the wrong place, at the wrong time”. The 3rd stretched it a little by having him there intentionally, but that was aptly explained by the “revenge” angle by Hans Gruber’s brother. In the 4th film, there is a turn more towards the indestructible action hero rather than the everyman tested by circumstances. But it’s still fun.

The plot of 5 has me happier though, as it puts John back to being out of his element. He shows up for one reason and gets mixed up in something else.

Totally. It wasn’t as fun as the first or third, but definitely more fun than the second.

Oh man, I totally don’t remember that! Thanks for a reason to go watch the first one again! Though you do raise the question why his name seems to have changed from Jack to John.

I thought 4 was a lot of fun, and certainly better than 2.

“Don’t tell anyone I did that.”

“Senator, you’re no Jack Kennedy.”

cue viagra jokes.

You guys might want to read the linked article. Or at least give the first post a quick re-read.

Man, I have never known anyone named John who was ever called Jack. This thread makes me so forgetful. Does that still happen these days?

Also, an unfounded rumor that Patrick Stewart might play the villain. I will so be there opening day if that’s true.

Don’t forget, Tom Clancy’s hero, Jack Ryan, is actually John Patrick Ryan.