Die Hard 5: The Hardening

A bit on the fictional side. Jack Nicholson might be a better example (legally John Nicholson).

Oh, and to Telefrog, yeah, I liked the last Die Hard. Yes, it had its faults, but I try not to nit-pick movies to death. Good cast, lots of fun, over the top moments, but then that’s a staple of Die Hards. If you got through the first three, this was certainly better than the second one.

Seeing Die Hard 4, I wish they could just let this die. Die Hard 1 is awesome because of the oneliners, Die Hard 2 tried too hard and squeezed the fun out. Die Hard 3 is another awesome entry, Sam Jackson/Zeus pretty much made it worthwhile. Die Hard 4 again tried too hard with not much to show for.

Maybe in 5 they will finally give John McClane a woman and rookie partner, who is pretty much a mirror image of himself, so John will be all yoda to her but still dishing out the one-liners and backtalks like he did with Zeus. And the woman partner will constantly mock his age and his tough guy talks while constantly kicking asses with McClane.

One can only dream.

I love the first Die Hard but the next two sequels were underwhelming to me and I never saw #4. I’m surprised to see they’ve each outdone the previous in terms of box office, especially overseas, so I guess its no surprise to see another in the pipeline. And Willis is only 56, so its not as stupid as Ford coming back for another Indy film was.

Yay. Willis is as close as I ever got to being a fan of anyone or anything. I’m always happy to see him in anything new.


Amazing he went from that to this.
He’s one of the guys who looks cooler the older he gets, although Die Hard 4’s McClane was a bit of a self parody, and at least he seem to have learned that his job is looking bad ass and leave the singing to the pros.

That’s not Bruce Willis.

Er, didn’t you just describe Striking Distance?

I liked it too, but I actually felt that DH3 was the one that went against formula.

That’s the one where he rode the horse, right?


p.s. Think about it . . .

He needs to make a skating movie. Ice Castles: Die Harding!

Michael Dorn had better get a cameo in this movie. I don’t care how they shoehorn him in, but I want him to be there somewhere.

I don’t remember seeing Sarah Jessica Parker in Striking Distance…

Oh crap I just outed myself for watching this POS.

I liked Striking Distance, I’m that guy ;)

I know in interviews Bruce Willis says it’s the only movie he wishes he never made and he hates it. Dude prefers Hudson Hawk…

I think I only like SD because of the opening song. lol