Diff gamertags on a 360

so my friend’s 360 went belly-up. if he borrows mine and signs in, creating a profile with his gamertag, is he able to buy xbla games that are transferrable back when he gets a fixed 360?


Even if he doesn’t transfer the content licenses over to his new xbox, he would still be able to play the games as long as he kept using the same Live Gamertag he bought them with.

Xbox 360 content ties itself to both the physical machine (which is the right you transfer when using the link that Lunch posted) and to your Xbox Live account. So if he bought content using his Gamertag on your Xbox, you could actually both play that content when he gives you your Xbox back, unless he specifically rebinds it to his new system. (Note: You can do this technically, but I’m sure it is frowned upon, like masturbating on an airplane).

You can transfer content licenses from one console to another once every four months.

Interesting. When I bought my Xbox S-model, the transfer limit was once every 12 months. Nice that MS lowered the allowable transfer time.


I’m trying to convince him the most cost effective solution is to play my games and pad my GamerScore.