Difference between steamlink box and steamlink on Samsung tv

Do you think there’s a difference between steamlink the box from steam vs. the app you can do Sloan for a Samsung tv? Like is it it possible the Samsung app would be slower than steamlink box?

Yes because Samsung Tizen apps are shit

So maybe that’s why games are so intolerably laggy over it. I lost all fine motor precision using a controller with steamlink and I kept thinking, if network translation over wire is this bad, how can anyone possible handle Playstation Now or Google’s Stadia?

I did not really notice much difference between the SL HW and SW on my Samsung tv.

Disclaimer: I don’t know what the os the smart TV apps of yours use. From just the Plex app, smart TV apps usually suck and abandoned compared to smart phone ones.

I thought I’d read Steam wrote the code themselves and was preferring this method moving forward, but I could be totally wrong.

I also wouldn’t forget that there’ll be a processor in whatever Smart TV you’re using that simply may not be as powerful as what’s in a steamlink box. Doubly so if it’s an older one.