Difference in two these two processors


besides ten bucks aren’t they the same? If not how can you tell the difference?

The difference is the L1 Cache 64MB + 64MB or 128MB + 128MB. That’s the only difference I could see.

Yep, the more expensive one has larger L1 cache. Worth the $7.

This looks like a mistake to me. One lists 64KB+64KB, which is the per-core L1 cache; the other lists 128KB+128KB, which is the total L1 cache.

L1 Cache: 128KB + 128KB
L2 Cache: 1MB x2


64KB Level 1 instruction cache per core (128KB total)
64KB Level 1 data cache per core (128KB total)
Up to 1MB Level 2 cache per core (2MB total)

So I think they’re the same. Both say retail, both have the same part number.

If you check AMD’s own site, the ADV4400CDBOX one isn’t even a valid part number, but this one is close. But then the only difference between that and the other one is power consumption; they both have 128K+128K L1 cache listed.

There’s probably an error somewhere, but it’s not clear where…

That’s a stock error. It’s the same thing, and probably someone’s sloppy data entry caused the duplicate item.

so I should get the cheaper one?

But of course!