Digital Audio (Optical or Coaxil) converter or switcher?

I have a few system components that have digital audio output in the form of optical audio or coaxil (not HDMI) - but only have one input for each on my receiver. Optical seems to be the dominant form of digital audio (only) used these days - is there a way to convert a coaxil digital audio to optical? Or an optical switcher like there are HDMI switchers?

Obviously best solution is a new receiver, but I’d rather avoid doing that for now.

This exists (I have one) - you can find them at places like

What Menzo said. I have one too. It’s actually a tiny powered device with one of the 2 types of inputs on each side.

In UK, I got it from Maplin:


coax to optical
optical to coax


Think this is the one I need, as I have an extra optical audio out from a device and need to plug it into my receiver’s coaxil in.

Thanks guys - so works fine? Man, monprice’s prices are unbelievable.

I’ve bought many cables and several switches from Monoprice over the years, and have always been satisfied with their quality, and especially their price. The one time they sent me the wrong item, I contacted them and they shipped a replacement out immediately, and even let me keep the erroneous item.

I use that exact toslink->coax converter on one of my xbox 360s and I also bought it from monoprice and it works fine.

That’s the one I used for about 18 months - no issues. Worked fine.

How about a cheap Optical to USB so I can get surround sound from my Laptop on my Turtle Beach X4’s?

I just use this

Lets me hook up two optical sources to one. Yeah you can’t have both of them on at the same time but that is rarely an issue.

That sounds like perhaps a good option, Marcus.

I may need both, heh, as I have 3 digital audio devices (360, cablebox PVR and am thinking of getting a PS3), and my receiver only has one optical and one coaxil digital audio input (I input the video directly into my TV, which has no speakers). So I could split the 360 and PS3 using this device, and convert the cablebox to coaxil and be good to go.

That is actually how I do it with my PS3 and 360. I don’t do it with my PVR because 99% of the time the cable box is on so it couldn’t share and optical input.

I’ve been doing this for years with different receivers and have never had a problem.

It’s so crazy that I could get:

  • an optical toslink splitter
  • an optical toslink converter to coaxial digital audio
  • a coaxil digital audio cable
  • 3 optical toslink cables

…of a grand total of about $20 at monoprice. Or less than one half of the price of a single optical toslink cable at a mall electronics or audio store.

I’ve ordered from Monoprice before, although not in a while, and am still amazed at that place. It feels like stealing.

If you can’t find it on monoprice, it doesn’t exist.

or you don’t really need it.

Bought one of these (optical to coax) just this week and it was DOA. I went to request a replacement from Monoprice…


Its because they are fucking awesome.

Yeah, not to go all monoprice VM fanboi here, but one time I ordered a black floppy drive (don’t laugh) and they sent me a silver one instead. Since it was supposed to go in a black case and I wanted it to match, I asked for a replacement. They asked me to e-mail a photo of the drive to prove they sent the wrong color; then sent a second drive free of charge and let me keep the silver one too.

Of course, I haven’t found an use for that extra floppy drive yet, but it’s the thought that counts.

Not to go all Monoprice-hater here, but I once ordered a half-dozen audio cables and a few 6’ ethernet cords. All the audio cords were DOA, and all the ethernet cords they sent me were 3’. I asked for a replacement. They sent more DOA cords and more 3’ ethernet cables. Twice. Then I gave up. At least the price was low enough that I wasn’t out that much money on broken shit that I didn’t order.