Digital audio storage/broadcast device

Hey all,

I was wondering if anyone had some experience with an amplifier that also has the ability to store digital audio and play it, or even better, to run apps like Spotify. The house we bought last year has ceiling speakers throughout, which we have been running through a combination of pre-amp/amp in the room where all the wires come together. But the system is old, and I had to connect my iPhone/iPad to it using an RCA->Lightning converter. It’s a pain, and it means it ties up one device. I suppose I could just buy another iPad, but my preferred solution would be to have something that operates as an integrated amp, with all the inputs I want, PLUS has the ability to store and play digital audio, but better yet, to run apps like Spotify on itself, without the need for a separate device. Does this kind of thing exist? I think I am looking for something like this:

but I am not sure. As a matter of fact, I may be looking for exactly that. It’s reasonably priced, and I’ve had a bunch of NAD stuff over the years.

Anyone out there with experience with comparable stuff who could offer some advice?

So I have a partial fit. We have a Yamaha amp that has wifi connectivity. I am able to make changes on the amp using an app, as long as it is on the wifi network. I can, remotely, play audio through a bunch of sources. Spotify is one, it has bluetooth, Pandora, Airplay, USB integraiton. I can also have my home computer and connect to that and play music from it, as long as I set the folder to share and have it on the network.

Let me link what I use, so you can check for yourself, but I think you can probably get what you want pretty easily with a similar amp.

unfortunately since this particular model is discontinued, this won’t be exactly what you get. But I imagine Yamaha has a more current model with the same functionality

For reference here is the app where I can set source

This appears to be the newer model

Make sure the output to the speaker array is a “normal” speaker driving one with 4 to 8 Ohm impedence, and not a 70V system that would need a transformer on the output from a typical residential AV amp/receiver.

Thanks, Craig! That’s very helpful. I’m presuming that end up doing it remotely all the time, and thus there is no downside to not having a display on the front?

Yep, thanks!

Yeah we run the controls through the app. There is a display which you can do it through the physical buttons, but the app is much more convenient.

This is very well reviewed:

Informed user reviews: