Digital Boardgaming opinions?

I’m up for some Viticulture or Automobiles for sure. Or possibly something else if I can learn it!

Oooh. I don’t get to play Viticulture as much as I would like to in physical form. I wouldn’t mind a chance to play online. My UK schedule makes it likely turns would come a bit slow if everybody is US based though. So happy to pass if more convenient.

Basically, the recommendations I’ve been giving out are:

  • Asmodee Digital library
  • Tabletop Simulator
  • BoardGameArena
  • Brettspielwelt
  • CGE Online library

@rowe33 @Wendelius I took a look at but the implementation of Viticulture seems a bit iffy (and you need to a download a client, which I’m not a huge fan of)

I’ve played some games on Yucata, Boardgame Core, and BoardGame Arena so happy to try to organize if we can align on which game we’re going to try (and which service it’ll be on) allows you to play Keyforge in your browser (game rules / card effects are automated).

I could play a game of Food Chain Magnate or Through the Ages, certainly. Or learn something else.

I’ve only played Viticulture once, and it was too long ago. I would love to get in on a game if we find a good place to play it online. Or something else even.

I vote for Castles of Burgundy or Dungeon Lords on boiteajeux. It’s been awhile since I played either of those, and I enjoy them.

oh I’m down for either one of those as well. @Wendelius @rowe33 ?

Had my Monday boardgame night online last night. It went… ok. I had set up a discord, and that worked fine. We had four players, and we played Mystic Vale on Yucata, which was good, and then we played Automobiles, which was less good. Turns out downtime in Automobiles is a bit of a drag (it’s not horrible, but it’s not great).

I’m guessing we’ll do it again next week, so I’m hoping to find some more interactive/quick playing games that we can all play.

How does something like BGA make money? Wondering, because they seem to be struggling under the load of the exceptional circumstances now.

Whoa, I was just gifted a copy of the physical version by @Brooski! I was all bummed that I got it as soon as the Covid quarantining kicked in. But if there’s a digital version I can dink around with in the meantime…

And on the PC! And as others have noted, this is easily one of the best boardgame ports you’ll find.

Just to add to the lists, there’s a Terraforming Mars port that was a real disappointment when it was released:

That was a year ago. I wonder if it’s been tidied up since then.


Also if you have a Switch prepare for this relaxing strategy game:

It has ducks in it so I’ll be buying two copies. Because more ducks.

I will definitely be playing multiple games of Charterstone starting on the 26th. Keep me in mind if you are playing on either Steam or iOS.

Oh, that’s a pity. Was considering getting TM (the digital version).

It showed up in a recent humble bundle along with a bunch of other digital boardgames.
Played cards can all be seen but they’re hardly easy to find, especially in an opponent’s tableau. It badly needs a tableau view.
The AI is not strong enough to put up a real challenge, and when you get a truly good combo going you will leave it in the dust.
On the plus side, the port does have drafting available now.

I think a lot of your complaints still hold, but they did include drafting. I’m not as fussed by the other points you raise (AI aside) as when I’m playing digital boardgames I’m generally trying to play as quickly as possible and I ignore the, for want of a better word, cruft. I don’t find the information you need too hard to find in the TM port, though it is usually a click away when it should really be foregrounded.

I haven’t played the physical version and don’t know much about the game, but have been following the digital version’s development. What makes it so appealing to you?

I’ve played 2.7 seasons of the physical game and it keeps me thing ahead to each game. It’s not for everyone but my group lllloooooveeees it.

Must be played with 6 players tho. The automata works well but it’s best full humans

The digital version of Terraforming Mars did get cleaned up a bit. As mentioned, drafting got implemented. It still has problems–the devs prioritized presentation over functionality, which means even at fast speed, you’ll have to sit through the animations before you can do basic things like inspect the board state. But overall, it at least feels like you have some strategic agency. Yes, you’re still subject to the randomness in the deck, but that was true of the tabletop version. And the game makes it annoying to review your history of played cards, but it’s doable.

So yeah, it isn’t the streamlined experience I wanted, but it’s definitely playable in a satisfying way.