Digital Boardgaming opinions?

If you’re referring to the pre-programmed “bot” in the physical game, I get it, but this shipped with an actuall AI in addition (although playing the bot is an option).

Joined. Do we have to wait for 2 others or is there a way to add AI players?

I also designed and wrote the tutorial! But I never saw it implemented, so who knows how many terrible decisions of mine needed to be reworked…

It appears that you can only set AI players when you create the game. We’d have to wait for two more players for this game to start. I could start another one, but I’d rather play with humans, if possible.

I mostly agree with this except that on my Macbook Air the edge-of-screen UI elements overlap, so eg it’s basically impossible to see the left side of the influence track

Good job!

I have run across one bug, or maybe I’m not grokking it since I’m still new to the game.

There’s a card (I forget the character - like I said, new to this) that, when revealed, is supposed to allow you to deploy two more troops units cubes to a conflict for a cost of 3 solarii. I tried to use it twice, but never got the option (yes, I had the $).

Is it a bug or am I not getting something?

I’m trying to remember if I was able to use that card, but it’s entirely possible the button to do so just wasn’t obvious. The game doesn’t do a great job of highlighting unused abilities if you ask me. I’ve skipped past similar options a number of times. It could really do with an “Are you really sure you want to end your turn?” prompt, at least as a toggle.

I thought that card was used in the first tutorial? You have to drag units to the conflict. I think it was Gurney (Paul’s combat trainer’s card)

This guy? So for $3, you add two cubes to your garrison, and then you can deploy them to the conflict.

So you should have gotten a button that shows the “$3->2 cubes” icons (just like on the cards). If you clicked that, then you should have gotten a “deploy troops” button.

One possible reason why the button might not have shown up (other than a bug) is that, in the physical game, you only have 12 cubes. If you already had 12 cubes in the garrison + the conflict, you didn’t have any cubes left. The game doesn’t show how many cubes you have left in your supply (which is a mistake, I think, but a minor one – it doesn’t come up often).

That’s the one. I was pretty active in the conflicts, so I probably did exceed the limit. The tutorial should clarify that. Thanks.

I don’t suppose you were using Gurney on an agent placement phase? Because it only lets you pay for troops in your reveal phase (bottom set of symbols instead of the top).


It is only right that a qt3 poster is the one responsible for a game featuring an actually good tutorial and log. Well done!

Here is a good explanation of how to play (on top of the excellent in game Tutorial)

I have been playing a lot of Dune Imperium solo at easy AI settings and finally won two games!

Been enjoying playing it. I hope they eventually make the Uprising digital too.

You’re better than I am. I’ve yet to do better than 2nd.

I won with Leto and the Baron. I am usually third or forth with the others.

Edit: Won another game with Leto. I think the digital version helped me grok this game a lot more. I do think that some leaders are better than others. Paul seems pretty weak especially as a principle story character. AI Easy setting is still challenging for me at least playing the other leaders.

I wish the game app would allow the Log to be a feature that could be placed on my second monitor.

I watched a video yesterday on strategy for Paul. The gist of it is given the bon8ses, the best strategy (early game) is to acquire the best cards you can, particularly Fremen and B’nai Gesserit.

I tried it and it seems to be effective.