Digital Gold (got a mint, untouched FS2 Sim of the Year box)


Just brings a tear to my eye. Question is, do I dare open it, or shall I become Comic Book Guy?

Open it up, the joy is in the playing of the game.

I found a used copy of Thief Gold for $10 yesterday, in the goofy trapezoidal box. I don’t really care about it, so I left it on the shelf for some other soul.

That’s nothing-- the Circuit City near me has two unopened copies of Shadow Watch, in the fancy full size cutout/window boxes, which I have never seen before. The copy Kevin Perry gave me is your standard game box.

Must be the Game That Time Forgot, since each copy is marked at … $39.99.


Bwah…my local Big Lots has about 10 copies of Shadow Watch. I didn’t check the price of it, but if the other software on their rack is anything to go by, then it’s probably $10.

Depends on whether or not you’ve played it before, and if you have another opened copy somewhere. Definitely worth playing. Probably worth its weight in gold too, although gold is admittedly rather heavy…

Oh, and your (wumpus’) Circuit City must be an anomaly. I picked up my Shadow Watch (in cool box) at Circuit City for $4.99.

  • Alan

Oh I’ve played it before, I just couldn’t find the discs.

Man, this is a GREAT game. It really held up well with time too. With 4xS FSAA, 8X anisoptric filtering and texture sharpening, it looks fantastic.

So, there goes my idea of saving it :p

Games are meant to be played, not hoarded. Enjoy it. :)

What are the extra missions? Were they ever available elsewhere? Do they fit into the campaign, or are they just separate missions?

Not sure I’ve ever even seen that repackage, so I’m curious about what I’m missing out on. :D

Separate campaign, it seems like.

I would open it and then bring it to EB and see if they’ll reseal it for you.

The extra missions were in the Freespace Flight Sim of Year edition. You get a campaign against the Hammer of Light forces. Its quite polished and sharp.

oh and Jakub where the hell did you find it?

I found a used copy of Thief Gold for $10 yesterday, in the goofy trapezoidal box. I don’t really care about it, so I left it on the shelf for some other soul.

Whoa whoa whoa! Ship it to me, yote!

I sold my soul to the wumpus :(

Nah. A former coworker of mine had a copy lying around and never touched it. He obviously didn’t know what a goldmine it was, so he sent it to me - gratis! Talk about owing him big. :o

wow - are people crazy, or is this a super cool game?

i was going to read Desslock’s review, but it is premium content. damn Gamespot.

someone enlighten me as to why you guys love this game…

It’s maybe the best space flight shooter ever made. It’s also pretty rare. They sold so few of them that it’s hard to come by now.


Indeed, I discovered just how pleasantly it held up over the Christmas break. Crank all the detail settings to max on a GeForce 4 Ti and it’s still top-notch looking (it always played well).

Why oh why didn’t these guys get the Babylon 5 license? What act of cosmic insanity led to it going to Sierra instead?

The Babylon 5 mod may still be in existance those guy were pretty hardcore.

try Hardlight Productions at

If you haven’t heard of them - there are a few fan made campaigns that rival and excede Volitions work. Derelict for one, but Black Water Operations has just released the first 3 or 4 levels of their effort. It has voice acting and some nice level design.

FilePlanet has the Babylon 5 mod (which, just fyi, also apears to have been done for Independance War (or IW2; I forget).


PS: It’s a 130MB download

I just won a copy of Shining Force III, the american edition. Now I just need to buy a Saturn.

I’ve been trying to get my hands on that forEVER!
Lucky bastard.