Digital Jesters....R.I.P?

I tried to access their forum, says it is not available, went to the main page and has a logo of the company with an email.

Last I heard they’re restructuring themselves yet again as the “DJ Group.” You can probably expect a new website to pop up soon.

At some point Kylotonn, the people who made Bet on Soldier, did “terminate relations” with them for breach of contract … wonder if that should have been a warning of some sort. Pity, they were the ones that made Trackmania a bit bigger …

Huh. Crazy Frog Racer.


When dealing with them, they seemed excessively nice, willing to help out with demo or review code all the time, and (as far as UK firms went) completely forgiving that I was in the US. If they’re gone for good, that’ll be a sad thing, indeed.

I think they did Chaos League, didn’t they? I always thought that was an underappreciated game. Pity to see them go if it’s true.

While I have not dealt directly with them, I have heard from different sources that they were not exactly pleasant to deal with as a developer, mainly due to the lack of timely milestone payments…

They published it, certainly*.

Some stuff late last year regarding their trouble with developers:


*And I translated the commentary and game into English. Which was (er) interesting.

More bad news for DJ

Maybe they sent out too many free review copies…