Digitaljournalist candid shots of the candidates

and uh…

stunning photos. wow.

not so much on the site though.

Wow. There are indeed some beautiful shots in both series.

I love the more simple and intimate focus of some of the Obama ones. As an amateur photographer, they are the kind of shots which tell a story I’d love to be able to take. But the McCain gallery has got some striking images too.

Very nice job.


South Carolina proved Obama could make a stand in the South. I live in Charleston, S.C., and his win in the state’s primary really made a difference to people - both black and white. Several days before the primary, my cab driver told me he was going to vote for Obama but he didn’t believe a black man could win against a white man or woman. I called him after the election to see if he voted. With pride in his voice he said, “I did and I took my kid with me and the next day I told him he was right. He could be anything he wanted to be someday, even President.”


A Mother’s Grief: This woman had lost her son in Iraq. She wanted people to know that it was not unpatriotic to be against the war and for Obama. Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 2/11/2007.

Every time I find something that brings a tear to my eye and makes me think “Wow. Maybe this country is OK after all” I find something to remind me of the entire picture.

Just remember, OK people are the quiet ones. Avoid any news/media/commentary that doesn’t directly affect one of your areas of interest, and you’ll become much more positive. Sensationalism has ruined information.


The most touching picture, to me, was him cleaning up after himself. That should clinch it for everyone, right fucking there. This isn’t a pompous emperor, this is a man doing a job.

Yeah, I agree. I really liked that one the most.

I’m sorry, but no. I went to college in Oklahoma, I have family in Ohio & West Virginia, I have traveled in much of the South. I know that the media isn’t being sensationalist when it describes a woman weeping because her patriotism has been questioned due to her support for Obama and opposition to the war. The media isn’t being sensationalist when it reports that there are vast swathes of the nation that are terrified of catching TEH GHEY.

These are realities. These are the people of this nation.

To do what you describe is to bury your head in the sand and scream “LALALA I CAN’T HEAR YOU.” In my opinion, that course of action is irresponsible and unethical.

Pretty much, yes.

You don’t have to travel very far to find it. Ignorance and fear are much easier to sell than intelligence and personal strength. Knocking everyone down is often more important to people of this nation than building any one person up.

I remember a picture where W was hugging a girl who lost a family member on 9/11 years ago. That clinches it. Bush does care.

Hugging little girls can be taught in campaign photo-op class. Probably in day 1. Its on the syllabus right after shaking hands, kissing babies and smiling.

Doing a little thing, like taking care of your mess after the cameras have turned away, isn’t something that can be taught (well I guess now it can …), its something innate within a person’s character.

Cleaning up after yourself says nothing about the person you really are, it’s almost arbitrary.

That statement is so wise and true, I’m going to use it beneath my personal email signature. If that’s okay with you.

Thanks for those links, some great pictures of both men there.

Cleaning up after yourself says nothing about the person you really are, it’s almost arbitrary.

Oh come the fuck on. Must you do this in every thread?

Sorry, I wasn’t saying that there aren’t hateful dickheads out there, I was just trying to point out that they get exposure that FAR outweighs their actual demographic slice of the pie. That being said, I’m from the South (and still in it, somewhat) and there are far too many people that just can’t get past their associations and use their own heads. Casual stupidity is commonplace enough that the media doesn’t even bother any more. Now it’s Nazi clowns on fire or nothing.


I fear thee, ancient-probably-sarcasticiner. If not, feel free.


The quiet ones are the quiet ones. The quiet ones can also be serial killers. I have personal experience in this area. Call him a boring technically oriented geek, but not one of the “quiet ones”.

Are you saying that you’re a serial killer? Because that would really, really explain a lot.