Dilbert vs. ATI/Nvidia

Yeah, they’ve both done this:


That strip reminded me more of Apple than either ATI or nVidia. “World’s fastest personal computer” indeed.

At the time it was released, among pre-built systems, it WAS the fastest personal computer. Then, AMD released their latest chip a few months later, and… well, that was that.

It’s kinda like how the ATI Rage128 blew away the TNT2… because for 3 months, the TNT2 wasn’t available. :)

Except that the benchmarks were entirely suspect, and in many cases other independant benchmarks showd the latest P4 - the one available when the G5 was released - handing the G5 it’s ass.

That, and there were Opteron-based desktop workstations availalbe for months before the G5, many of which were both faster AND “the world’s first 64-bit desktops.”