Ding 70

In the other thread I just wrote that some players dinged 64 on my server, so we could expect a 70 in less than a week.

But we have a 70 in little more than a day (28 hours). Link

I tried to go check if true but the server went offline and when back up the char didn’t show on the /who.

Not absolutely sure it’s not a fake…

“Le lvl up a été effectué à 4h03, le 17 Janvier 2007, sur le serveur Archimonde EU.”

The guy on Archimonde (the french server where every hardcore guild is trying to claim supremacy) is helped by his whole guild. He just tags the mobs, while ungrouped, and tens of his guildmates kill the mob for him.

Wow, that’s crazy. I hit 61 in 6 hours, and 62 in 7; I don’t think we even have a 65 yet. To do all 10 levels in 28 hours is just nuts.

Sigh, what’s the point? Why not enjoy the new content instead of rushing to be first to 70, when no one other than yourself is going to remember it a week from now? E-Penis for the win!

It’s carebear attitudes like this that give WoW players a bad name, and likely contribute to the slide in U.S. productivity. Instead of looking up to people who achieve difficult goals, we deal with our jealousy by mocking their dedication.

Someday there might be a real burning crusade, and some of us are going to be able to defend our families because of our discipline learned in game. We’ll see what attitudes like “green & blue equipment is fine,” and “taking time to explore the game” gets you in that situation.


Thank the Maker for emoticons.

But what would be the fun in that ???

Yeah, if the emoticon wasn’t there, I’d want to slap him ;)

If you’re playing to get to the top level fastest possible, you’re making the devs
cry. I think Blizzard can save money, fire all their artists, and reduce the
size of the game by replacing all monster art with boars of varying sizes and
making them levels 1-70. It’s not as if the current crop of players care about content.

No emoticon follows - I have low expectations of WoW players.

The Nihilum guys on my server (Magtheridon) are charging towards 70. The trouble is, they were all in the beta so they’re just redoing content at this point.

I think their lead cockjockey is 67 at the moment.

Seriously, slow down and chew your food. Are you even looking at the screen if you’re playing that fast? That’s just stupid, IMO.

Bigger, better, faster! Sad, sad…

If I thought I wouldn’t end up naked and skint in IF I’d lend them my account for the weekend in a second.

Not interested in the 60-70 quests, zones, and instances then?

A) Many of the racers were in beta to start with.

B) Many of the racers want to hit 70 to start running Karazahn/5-man heroics to start gearing up.

C) What’s it matter to you how fast other folks level?

I, personally, decided not to even poke around Outlands when I got into the beta late so it’d all be new and fun for me. But if 5% of the population gets more fun out of seeing if they can be in the first 10 people to hit 70, what’s wrong with that?

If you do that you get DAoC Catacombs (well, okay… the size didn’t really change, just the levels). If you use basically the same idea but change the skin of the monsters for some variety, you get SWG’s pre-NGE combat revamp!

Not interested in the 60-70 quests, zones, and instances then?

Instances yes, going round the zones when there is a point to do it yes, going backwards and forwards from one end of the map to the other for 3 months levelling to 70? No thanks. At 70 the game will start to get interesting again.

I loved the “Je Ding!”

Took them long ennough.


I think you may be taking an extreme view of that :)

I’ve done this topic to death, but I just don’t find the levelling mechanic in MMOs, especially where like WoW it’s mandatory to be able to play the rest of the game, that interesting.

I seem to recall you were a Jumpgate player, the levelling mechanic in that is an example of levelling that I don’t mind. I get to 30, buy a Tow and then don’t need explicitly to level to be able to do what I want to within the game again if I don’t want to.