Ding! Sounds like the XBox 360 is just about ready!

I won’t be buying it until after Christmas, but it definitely appears that the ole’ 360 is hitting critical mass in terms of games that need playing.

A year isn’t too bad to shake out the problems and get the game train rolling.

I’d love to hold out for a price drop, but I doubt they’d do that before E3 happ…en…d. Oh yeah.

FWIW, Dell has the 360 for 15% off (so just the box would be $340) with free shipping. Tax is YMMV, though the three states i could conceivably ship to in order to try to find a tax free zone are all taxed, so Dell may finally have just gone to charging tax in all 50 states. (Or alternatively they may finally have opened up one of those crappy mall Kiosks in all 50 states.)

AFAIK you can also use the 15% off for any games/accessories you happen to buy at the same time.

Must. Resist. Pinata. Power.

Shoulda done it this past weekend. You could’ve gotten any game for free at Circuit City.

Err… I’ll take 15% off the console and any games I order at the same time instead, thanks. (15% of $400 is $60. Also Circuit City’s way out to hell and back and Best Buy doesn’t pricematch special deals. And Viva Pinata’s out of stock. Otherwise I probably would have.)

The best deal was at EB Games this weekend. $80 credit for an Xbox 1 trade in brings the price down to $320, and it comes with a free and absolutely essential 1 year replacement plan that’s renewable at turn in and a copy of Call of Duty 2. Sell it if you need to and bring the price down to possibly below $300. Even w/out the trade in, you’re still getting $80 worth of stuff for free.

Isn’t that Amazon deal for $100 the best one is likely to find?

That is over and there were only 1000 of them that were gone within seconds.

29 seconds to be exact.

We bought a 360 two weeks ago. The bundle included GRAW and the retailer tossed in Gears of War free!

After returning the first two units, the third one works like a charm.

Much fun is being had by all :)

What the @#$^… old stock?

If you have a Micro Center in the area, the $100 MIR is the way to go.

I’ve been sorely tempted to pull the trigger, but I have so many games right now, and it’s crunch time at work.

The first one would read some games as DVDs, and the second one wouldn’t even boot up: it gave me a 'Software error, please consult Microsoft blah blah fuckity fuck’ message.

The third one (which feels like a new revision - I swear the AC plug is different, and it runs a lot cooler) is dreamy!

Rumors of a price drop have been building rapidly over the past few days. On the other hand, it might not be until E3 that it actually goes down. Either way, I would recommend holding off until the new 360s roll out – the ones with the 65nm cores. That’s supposed to start in January.

I jumped on that Micro Center deal.

I won’t be buying it until after Christmas, but it definitely appears that the ole’ 360 is hitting critical mass in terms of games that need playing.

I’m not sure what you’re favorite games are, but the next several months will be very good for xbox owners if most of their release titles hit on time. Before summer they should have some stellar exclusive games like Forza 2, Bioshock, Mass Effect, Lost Planet, Too Human and Crackdown. I foresee Mass Effect getting pushed back to fall, but the other look to be on target.

Not to mention that Gears of War and Viva Pinata are superb titles. However, I do understand your “critical mass” approach. I won’t buy a console until it has 3 great titles I absolutely must play. With Trauma Center and Zelda, the Wii needs just one more. I’ll need 4 or 5 titles for the PS3 due to the asking price, and currently only Resistance fits the bill.

Is Too Human really going to be stellar? I mean, their track record says “yes”, but every showing the game has ever had has been seriously problematic. I’d say the jury’s still out on that one.

I’m all excited for Crackdown – seems like an open-world superhero game in disguise (and no “you play a gang-banger” crap which I can’t fucking stand).

There is a newish crackdown trailer that shows the scale of the city a bit better than earlier ones and it looks AWESOME.

There’s also Alan Wake and the multiplayer beta of Halo 3.

Do you have a link? I went to Dell.com just this morning and they have the console listed at $588 (!) on their site, with nothing else. WTF?

Unfortunately it looks like the sale is over now. :(