Dinosaurs today

Would we actually let them live and give them enough space to thrive? Or would modern humans wipe them out via poaching or leaving them too little habitat to survive in?

Let’s say brontosaurus’s, t-rex, and a bunch of other dino’s suddenly showed up in an Iowa cornfield conveniently close to one of their giant pig farms and the carnivores start raiding the pens.

You could feed a whole lot of people with just one brontosaurus.

Yeah, we’d farm the farmable ones and find a way to extinctify the rest like we do with basically all megafauna.

Which is a more efficient means of growing meat, with less impact on surrounding ecology? Something small like a mouse or something really really big?

Smaller animals are far more efficient for food than larger ones.
For example, it takes 6 pounds of feed to produce 1 pound of meat for a cow, but it only takes 2 pounds of feed to produce 1 pound of chicken. I believe the term is FCR, or food conversion ratio.

Which is why it would take an enormous amount of land to sustain some today. I’m not sure the majority of Americans are willing to “share” even with something as magnificent and amazing as dinosaurs.

Chickens are the closest living relative to the T Rex. We eat them all the damn time.

I thought this was cool. If birds are warm blooded and dinos were cold blooded, how did that happen?


We’d almost certainly drive the majority of the larger ones into extinction.

We can say this with a fair amount of confidence, because when humans spread over the globe we drove most of the larger mammals who were around at the time into extinction, an event known as the Holocene megafauna extinction.

Could humanity surprise us and truly become a conservationist society if we suddenly had these magnificent creatures back? Or are we just the plague that continually destroys life on Earth no matter how amazing it is.

I can’t watch a blue jay in my back yard without thinking of a T-Rex.

And if dinosaurs had survived into the age of man anything of size (or taste) would be extinct now.

If they had so much trouble dissipating heat being that large, it must have been a nightmare considering the Earth was so much warmer back then. I can see why the Stegosaurus and Spinosaurus developed those back plates.

lololol. Quite appropriate.

I heard that if you take a T-Rex tooth, grind it up, and brew it in a tea, it is an INCREDIBLE aphrodisiac. They call it a Tea Rex.

Hey, where did all the new dinosaurs go?

In this hypothetical are we away of past dinosaurs and now by some miracle they are back? If so they would be Jurassic Parked. We would certainly want to keep them alive, but in controlled numbers in a controlled environment.

Alternatively if the hypothetical is that they survived their extinction event and humans and dinosaurs walked on earth at the same time then the answer would probably be that we lost that battle before it even started. I don’t see pre-stone age man standing up against dinosaurs.

A one time rift in the fabric of time dumps them here.

You might have a dinotopia situation. Certain species of dinosaur bred and trained for war as elephants used to be.

If they got dumped here today there would be a massive effort to keep them from extinction if only because they have such good PR, in my opinion. Land would be apportioned for them to roam around.

We did OK against mastodons and other huge mammals. Spears and coordination go a long way.