Dinosaurs today


I would think they’d probably die pretty quick if dumped here today. Flora and air mix are fairly different than they were tens of millions of years ago. Not to mention new diseases, etc. Unless we’re gonna woo-woo that stuff.

In which case I recommend placing them on ranches, adding saddles, and letting me ride around on the back of one.


Yea we’re woo-wooing that.

Your saddle comment made me giggle.


No, they call it a T-Rection.


I think building an island theme park would be ideal. I mean, what could go wrong?

More seriously, I sincerely doubt the larger ones would survive long outside of a zoo-style setup. They’d be too destructive in a mankind-dominated region, and therefore become prime targets. The small- and medium-sized carnivores would also be quickly hunted to extinction. But small- and medium-sized herbivores would likely find a niche.


Ranchers man. Lose one out of 4000 cows to a wolf and they want to wipe them out. I was curious if anyone thought they’d have a different attitude if it was something suddenly of global public interest like a Velociraptor.


Having velociraptors on your land would somehow be better than a wolf?


The kid in me screams YES!


The prey animal in me says “Oh, HELL no!” LOL


Yes. Real velociraptors were about the size of a chicken. It would take a shitload to cause a problem. Although some researchers think they might have run in groups.

Oh my god!! Kentucky Fried Velociraptors! My idea! Stay away!


So every farmer or rancher with a gopher or ground squirrel problem would want some.


Until they get a veliociraptor problem. I’m thinking having a really fast mouth full of teeth and ripping claws problem is not as bad as a holes in my yard problem.


No doubt they live a life of constant frustration, having such short, stubby arms.


So. Closest relative to T Rex is a chicken. I guess we know what T Rex tastes like.




If dinosaurs appeared today, the Chinese would try to harvest them all for traditional medicinal purposes and/or ivory.


And soup.


That stuff will make you a god damned sexual Tyrannosaurus—just like me.


I’m PRETTY sure somebody would open a theme park with dinosaurs. And they’d sell them as super exotic pets to the megarich. Or rather license so you weren’t able to breed more yourself.


This was the only interesting (and believable) part of Jurassic World 2.