Din's Curse... or you wanted a Soldak Thread


I was mistaken, looks like DW is $5 from Soldak once you hit the Buy button. It's still listed at $10 on the webpage. I'll buy it direct.


Sorry about that. I fixed the other 2 places that the price is listed, but forgot about the Demon War page itself.


Someone watching this thread but doesn't own the game? It's on sale in Steam for $5 until May 20, 2013. 50% off!

I don't own the game, but it's on my wishlist. It'll only cost $5 to take it off...


Good grief, Steven, Din's Curse is amazing. I love Drox Operative, but had never picked up Curse. There's so much dynamic stuff at play.


Yeah, Dins is totally my favorite game of it's type. So, so good.


having the world feel alive is something I hope more games can capture in the future.


It's crazy. I don't have Demon War yet, and I'm still seeing new and bizarre things cropping up. There's a real sense of pressure (even playing on "slow pace") that comes from thinking "I mustn't let this mob get too strong".


Din's Curse version 1.029 is out: patches and changes. Since the last official patch, the patch improves networking, optimizes a bunch of things, fixes a few memory leaks, and fixes a bunch of other small issues.

Please vote for Drox Operative on Greenlight!


So... how about that Depths of Peril 2? :D


So I am like 5 years late to the party on this, but I just got Din’s Curse over the holidays and started playing it a couple of weeks ago.

The graphics are dated (even for 5 years ago), the gameplay mechanics are simple (as are all ARPGs) and the story is pretty much non-existent, [B]by MY GOD this game is completely addicting[/B]. I literally can not stop playing. If I have 20-30 minutes to kill around the house, I’ve been playing Din’s Curse. I stayed up far too late several nights playing as well.

The hook of having quests and tasks assigned to the various levels, with some of them resulting in immediate benefits to the whole town (like pillars or new vendors) combined with the usual ARPG grind for better gear and stats, folded in with the unique concept of being called back to town (urgently) to repulse various invasions or kill creatures sent from the dungeons to terrorize the town makes for a game that always has you striving to complete something. You’re also always on edge, as the stream of messages form the depths informing you of new boss mobs, uprisings and infernal machines being built makes you feel a real sense of urgency to get down there and clean those levels out. Sometimes I feel like I don’t have time to really study item stats because I need to offload my loot and get back in the dungeon ASAP. Thankfully I can stick interesting stuff into my stash for comparison later, after the town is saved and I can pause to really obsess over my equipment, stats and skills.

Anyway, just wanted to necro this thread to say “THANKS!” to Steven Peeler and the other folks at Soldak for making such a great little game. If you’re a fan of Diablo, Torchlight and other ARPGs, and you don’t own Din’s Curse, YOU SHOULD.

Will there ever be a Din’s Curse 2?


There’s Drox Operative, which is a space game with some shared mechanics, and he’s got another new game in the pipeline, so there are options, even if there isn’t a sequel. (There is an expansion though)

Drox is much more refined than Din’s.


I don’t know that I could say the story is non-existent since it’s a new story every time and it’s 100% dynamic ;) Never has a game been so deep in ‘make your own story’

BTW, coop is EVEN BETTER for both Din’s and Drox and I’m so happy it was included


While not a sequel, our next game Zombasite will have a lot of the same features as Din’s Curse. It will focus more on zombies of course (it still has many non-zombie monsters in it).


DIN’S CURSE 2?!?!?! Say it’s so, @Steven_Peeler!!



I still think he should call it Din’s Children. :|


Din’s Kin has to be it’s name, clearly.

Or Din’s Curse 2: Kin Full of Win for Din.


Oh man that’s good.

The first one, I mean. Din’s Kin is pretty excellent.


Din’s Kin made me literally lol. :)


I am BEYOND thrilled to hear that. :)


“Din’s Legacy” would speak to both the sequel-ish nature of it and the theme of the game (evolving generational characters).