Din's Legacy: Din Again

The new game probably needs its own thread at this point, but I always get these emails when I’m on mobile.

Din’s Legacy early access is live on Steam.


Interesting. I am curious about how much people like it.

A few bugs so far:

  1. I can’t figure out how to put a spell onto the right mouse button.
  2. A lot of the help text still says Zombasite.
  3. Got a super hard crash just now.

So yeah, it’s still early, but FUCK if it isn’t great. The mutations are fun. I mixed a minstrel with a fire mage. GREAT TIMES.

Din’s curse is my favorite Soldak game, and I’ve bought them all…for whatever that’s worth. 10% off to play the alpha…hmm…

Drox Operative is easily my favorite Soldak game, and I have to admit I’m a little disappointed this isn’t a sequel to that instead. Soldak games always seem great in principle, but often fall down in the practicalities and (particularly) the “feel” and art assets. Din’s is a great game hung up (for me) by the lack of convincing melee animations. I’m worried that won’t be fixed here, though I can hope. I’ll certainly keep an eye on it.

Drox, of course, didn’t need melee animations, and also (for me) benefits from the space theming.

I liked that Din’s curse had the simplest overworld theme. Town and dungeon levels. Easy to find where the quest is, no looking for maps. It’s on a dungeon level.

Drox Operative is my second favorite. Space theme of course. But all his games are good.

I prefer Drox as well, for a lot of the reasons you mentioned. This is just personal preference as well, but I also wish the procedurally generated worlds were a little more permanent, rather than something you easily throw away / reroll after a little bit. Put another way, I wish there was a meta layer connecting all the various towns you save in Din’s Curse and the like.

OK, I died in about 30 seconds. That’s new.

K, I figured out where to put the left and right click stuff, in previous games it was on the right, now it’s on the left. Yeesh.

Oh man, a Soldak game with meta-progression? I think that might be the perfect ARPG, especially if it was in the vein of Drox.

Yeah I’d definitely recommend a new thread. Although admittedly it wasn’t hard to find out about it when you’re Steam friends with @brianrubin ;)

The only problem is, TOO MANY GAMES. I will be getting this one though.

Wow, my companion (can only have a party with me and someone else until I somehow level this up) got turned into a full-blown zombie, yet still fought by my side. Crazy.

Oh, the AI seems to like camping around the dungeon entrances, so you WILL get ambushed on nearly each floor. It’s actually really funny.

Also now they have wandering BAG VENDORS. HOLY CRAP THANK GOD.

Thing I hate most is how much more difficult it is to repair stuff. You need armor shards and stuff now. Can’t just pay a vendor to do it. Arg.

Fucking boughted!!!

Excellent. Yeah, even with its issues, I am loving it.

I also died super fast. Town was under attack as the first game started, killed a bunch of stuff then two glowy elites marched in and slaughtered me and all villagers without their hp barely moving. :(

I think the town being under attack is intentional, but apparently it might be reworked.

I kinda love it.

oh I don’t mind the attack, I do mind monsters that can two shot you and take almost no damage when I literally have no gear or stats yet.

What makes this game worth getting over the previous Soldak games? Is the mutation mechanic fun enough to make it worth it?

Graphics are better, mutations are fantastic. What more do you need?

I don’t need but would really appreciate better sound effects. I loved Din’s Curse and I’ll be buying this as well once it’s fully released (now that I know about it, thanks kerzain); but some of the sound effects drove me nuts.

I don’t usually like to turn sound off in games, but will if I have to to play this.