Din's Legacy: Din Again

Is there a road map (I found a list of changes not yet implemented) that might hint at when a 1.0 release is aimed for, by chance?

It’s about to come out imminently.

We are fully releasing Din’s Legacy on August 28th.

That’s awesome, thanks!

Wow nice, that’s sooner than I thought. Hope the release week goes well.

Just noticed Din’s Legacy now has a demo on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux if you want to try before the game goes into full release on August 28th.

Access demo on main store page:

As usual you guys are quicker than me. :)

The demo is available for Windows, Macs, and Linux and is only around 340MB, so there’s no reason not to give it a try. You can download the demo from:



Got a second for a marketing blurb? What would you say are the major advancements in this over Din’s Curse?

Somehow I missed the announcement of the demo in this thread, but just got an email notification from Soldak, just downloaded. Time to try out those mutations and see what all the hub bub is about!

New things compared to Din’s Curse: better graphics (bump mapping, specular maps, shadow mapping), outdoor areas, each world has a different scenario, mutation system instead of hybrids, way more specialties available, clans exist (not the focus though and you don’t run one), and more types of monsters/quests/modifiers/etc. There are probably quite a few more, but that’s some off the top of my head.

Version 1.000 is out: changes.

This patch adds more textures for mutations, fixes a couple crashes, and fixes a few smaller issues.

Coming to gog?

Does that mean it’s out of Early Access? I’ve been backburnering this until it was “done” but I’ll swing by to pick it up when it’s officially released!

KevinC: It is going to be officially released on Wednesday.

Kolbex: I’m still trying to talk GOG into releasing Din’s Legacy on their platform.

Same here. I am ready for goodies and keep checking this topic for release.

Once out of early access will we be able to purchase direct from you as usual?

I played the demo and enjoyed it but was also kind of overwhelmed and confused by what was going on and where I should be going. Stuff was happening but I didn’t know where it was happening, or how to quickly get back to town to defend it, just some minor stuff. I found some cool stuff and was bummed when I hit level 6 though. :)

Anyway, are there any good videos I can watch that show off the game to new players, by chance?

This seems ok.

The objective for the current world is in the top left. You solve quests and try to do so before “bad things happen”. Find the gates and unlock them so you can get back to town quickly if needed. Mutations will happen automatically over time, and you’ll also get an opportunity to deliberately mutate to another class when you fill your mutation bar.

Wait, it’s 1.0 now, but it won’t be officially released until Wednesday? According to math as I understand it, isn’t 1.0 the same as an official release?

Whatever. Wednesday, schmedsday. I’m installing now.


BiggerBoat: I’m working on builds for direct purchases today, so yes you should be able to buy directly through us.

Tom: By official, I mean the official launch, leaving Early Access, etc. :) It should be the same build.