Din's Legacy: Din Again

I’ll give that a shot when I fire it up next and report back.

Version 1.002 is out: patches & changes.

This patch fixes a crash, makes intelligence & spirit better, makes mutating with other specialties/characters easier, and fixes a bunch of smaller issues.

Version 1.003 is out: patches & changes.

This patch fixes a crash, strength bonus being applied more than once in many cases, several level generation issues, and a bunch of smaller issues.

Ok, that’s something different and unintended. If it had attacked the chest and then after the chest was destroyed moved to attacking the rocks, that’s what I was talking about.

Right. I wouldn’t have a problem with that. Since I made that original posting, I’ve also managed to kill myself by trying to break a chest with a support post right behind me. :-) I targeted the chest, pressed 1 and whirled to whack the post. Bad things happened.

I can’t say that I’ve seen this when fighting monsters, which is entirely a left-click thing. I’m 99% sure that both the 1 key and the left mouse button are just generic attack, although I’ll double-check tonight – just in case it’s a skill bound to one or the other rather than both keys being identical.

While I have your attention, I also posted in your official forums about some weirdness with a map that I ran into: A mis-labeled teleporter (it had a different name in the teleporter list from what it said on the map) and a neighboring map area I could not access (which was also the bad label on the teleporter). It’s a confusing problem to relay.

Since I didn’t receive any acknowledgement on the official forums, I figured either the post was written poorly and/or it’s just some known map weirdness that you’re already working on.

Edit: I double-checked and my left mouse button and the 1 key are identical – both just generic attack.

Version 1.004 is out: patches & changes.

This patch fixes a higher level slowdown, balances a bunch of things better, and fixes a bunch of smaller issues.

If you still have a save game of this, could you email it to me? You can find my email address at http://www.soldak.com/Company/Contact.html

I fixed the pressing the 1 key and attacking the wrong object thing I believe. Fix is in version 1.004.

I’m sorry, I don’t have that save anymore. If I run into the map bug again, I’ll pass it along. Thanks for looking into the auto-target thing.

I know this isn’t a bug, but those exploding, repopulating mushrooms are killing me. They totally blocked my way to get to the boss monsters and I’ve died dozens of times trying to get through (no more healing potions) – and the mushroom patch keeps getting denser and denser every time I die. The Nova mutation isn’t helping things by blasting the 'shrooms every time I croak. You have a bit of sadist in you.

Is there a way to give up and abandon the map? I think there was a way to do this in Din’s Curse, but I could be mis-remembering.

Edit: Those propagating, exploding mushrooms have pretty made the map unplayable. So, maybe dial them back a little? They’ve made an utterly impassible patch that has taken up a quarter of the map, and blocking the way I need to go to complete the area.

Just picked this up and having a great time with it. I even completed my first area and succeeded!

I always had a hard time feeling comfortable with some of the previous games, but it is clicking just right this time around so far and I don’t feel quite as overwhelmed.

I think I really like the Mutation system. I am playing around with a healer/weaponmaster hybrid right now.

Version 1.005 is out: patches & changes.

This patch fixes a high level slowdown, makes it much easier to find uprising targets, fixed a couple major DOT issues, and fixes a bunch of smaller issues.

Sure, just use the Play option instead of Resume, pick your character, and then choose new area.

Having a blast with the game this time around! My character is still only level 19, but feels like he is starting to come into his own.

I keep running tiny maps/areas, and loving the variety. Sometimes it is escape the dungeon, and sometimes there are other factions involved and sometimes just to eliminate some enemy threat. The loot balance seems spot on with just the right balance of rare loot to sift through. Even though I only have one character at 19, I have unlocked a crap load of new classes and there are a ton! There seem to be more builds to try than you can ever try and the liberal mutation skill points you get to experiment on getting new skills to try is appreciated. Some mutations just happen and some seem to be linked to what happens to you in game. My guy is claustrophobic because he died due to a cave in, I believe, heh.

Just unlocked greater heal from the healer class and rocking plate/shield/block and using AEs and life leach to mow through stuff. I also got a mutation where I go werewolf at times and not sure whether I want to keep it or not. I cannot use any skills as werewolf, but the damage bonus is amazing and helps me knock down high bosses with it.

I am loving the game and my wife and I have been playing a lot of co-op.

Hey, Steven. That targeting problem is gone. Thanks.

Version 1.006 is out: patches & changes.

This patch adds a No rival clans world option, increases crafting item drops, and fixes a bunch of smaller issues.

Version 1.007 is out: patches & changes.

This patch adds textures/models for 2 mutations, fixes players getting stunned too long, and fixes a bunch of smaller issues.

Thank you!

I would also consider a change to curse? Some maps that include a lot of creatures that curse can be quite annoying. There may be a mechanic or counter I am missing, but like most people, we probably wear the best gear we can get and the main limiting factor on weapons and armor appears to be stat requirements and I never seem to get far enough above the curve to have points to spare.

With a curse giving you a significant reduction to all stats, this triggers a weapon overload and like 5-6 armor overloads which causes you to move extremely slowly. The game relies on movement and strategic placement at times, and it is just annoying as heck to just about be perma-snared for a level. I also think curse is extremely long, which can be fine. Maybe consider this change? Allow curse to reduce all stats for the case of calculating game stats for your character like Attack, Defense, Damage, etc., but just remove the effect of curse causing stat overloads for equipment? In that case it would have a pretty big negative effect still, but at least wouldn’t drive you nuts moving so slow.

Anyway, just an idea :). Games like this can be fun when you get to do a lot and mow down mobs. Having to use tactics and strategy are great, and the game is loaded with it, I believe, but being peppered with slows and stuns snares can wear on you at times. Hopefully that makes sense. It isn’t all the time and the only time I really notice it and where it bothers me the most is the longer effects of Curse.

Having a great time with the game, though. I just avoid those mobs or grind through them or create a new map if it bothers me to much :).

Version 1.008 is out: patches & changes.

This patch fixes some balance issues, adds resistances to a bunch of monsters, and fixes a bunch of smaller issues.

Version 1.009 is out: patches & changes.

This patch fixes a crash, a couple item issues, and a couple sound issues.

Version 1.011 is out: patches & changes.

This patch fixes a big slowdown on the map screen, fixes some quest item spawn issues, improves targeting, and fixes a few other minor issues.

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