DirecTV, HD question

Ok, so I have DirecTV, with a couple of plain recievers. I’m interested in moving up to HD tv, should I order a new receiver from DirecTV, or go Circuit City and get a HD receiver? I will still need to have my DirecTV account upgraded to HD to view programs in HD, right?

Maybe I should get a new DVD/recorder with a HD tuner? Is SDTV tuner a hi def tuner?

thanks for any suggestions.

Is SDTV tuner a hi def tuner?


Look for a PVR that has a large HDD and twin tuners (2.0, ability to record two channels while watching a previous recording). DVD recorders do not record in HD (>720), they just upscale.

You can upgrade most PVR’s HDD to something larger (voiding warrenty).

I would grab a PVR with HD recording ability and wi-fi or USB access so that you can make backups from your PC.

If you have DirecTV and want to PVR the surest bet is to get DTV’s HR20.

DirecTV is pretty good about rewarding long-term customers with free DVRs and HD receivers and stuff. I’d at least call them and see what they can do for ya before you head off to Circuit City.

Agreed. I called and they gave me the HR-20 for free. All I had to do is agree to a 2 year contract- and since I was already with them for 4 years, why not?

Also, they just added a ton of new HD channels- be sure to go to the HD Channel choice on your guilde-- I was pleasently surprised this morning when I looked.

Definitely call DirecTV. You’re going to need a new dish as well for the HD channels, and they’ll toss that in free along with installation with the HR20. Circuit City won’t.

Ok, thanks, I’ll give that a shot. I don’t keep up with the new fangled TV stuff, I’m still a little puzzled why the TV doesn’t have the HD tuner built in…

Let’s see what DirecTV sez.