DirecTV: is there any way to make it competitive with cable?

I meant people who were getting the cable internet without getting the “super limited” cable package, and thus paying MORE than they would if they got the TV and the discount that’s larger than the TV cost.

This is ending up even more expensive than I originally thought. It’s $500 for the two HD-DVR units (lease price), but then a bunch more to get dual channel support on each of those. Total cost is going to be $1k (a bunch of which is related to doing this in a high-rise condo instead of a house, which means you have to go through a subcontractor for everything, and the required parts etc to make it work are different than when using individual dishes).

Ugh – I hope it’s worth it :)

Luckily it turns out that my alternative to Comcast’s Internet service is a huge improvement: 45Mb synchronous (!). Now to do something about the phone…