DirectX 12 shipping with Windows 10


Only to very select devs. There are a few ones that, asked by their users if they would implement Mantle in their game, said it would have to wait until they have it on their hands.


You’re out of date, they started shipping it more widely months ago. I know several devs who looked at it and concluded it wasn’t worth the extra work as indies.

I’m not saying it’s universal, but they’ve moved on from their initial “40 devs” distribution.


Ahm, I didn’t hear about that.


If developers take the time to do it. It gives the possibility but the performance won’t be “free”.


I went to Windows 8.1 for DX11.1 but there has been zero benefit for BF4.


Where did you read that? There’s a bunch of engineers at my company wishing this were true…

TurinTur isn’t “out of date”. Mantle is still not public and is only available to a select set of people. It doesn’t matter if that’s only 40 or 100. It’s still an insignificant and tiny amount if it’s not feely available. It also still isn’t in UE4 or Unity.


I think that’s Xbone propaganda that you’re remembering. As in, DX12 is going to save the Xbone and make it multiple times better than the PS4!


Yes, I will need a new video card.

If that were the case, don’t you think they would have mentioned it sooner?


Pretty sure it was related to PC / Mantle.


It’s a new Microsoft, alright.


Right as its about to finally go out of support? Seems like a strange message for them to send in allowing this.



Now just need HDR and G-Sync over Freesync support and can uninstall Windows 10.


That’s the old Microsoft shining through.


They are supposedly only doing it for specific games. Windows 7 has a 29% marketshare on the latest Steam survey, but remember that WoW is a very old game with light hardware requirements so I wouldn’t be surprised if >50% of its millions upon millions of players were on Windows 7. Since it’s a MMO, these people log on every day for months or years on end; it isn’t a game you play then set aside like Far Cry: New Dawn. There’s a lot to be gained by spending dev time optimizing it.


But what would Microsoft specifically gain from this move? Blizzard might benefit, sure, but why should MS care?


MS has a dev relations department like everybody else, they probably thought it was a worthwhile investment of their resources.


Maybe it wasn’t as massive a job to do as they initially alluded to (i.e. in an effort to ‘force’ people to get Windows 10, just like they did with Vista and DX10(?). )


Well, yeah. Duh. The backpedaling is what I don’t understand though.


Blizzard to their Microsoft account rep: “Seriously, this is killing us. We really need to get DX12 support in for our customers on Win7. If things continue the way they are, we may need to start looking harder at Vulkan so that we can unify our game client and streamline our development”

Account Rep: looks at the amount Blizzard pays in annual contracts to Microsoft: “Let me see what we can do”.


The Dx10/Vista thing was a legit reason. The entre driver subsystem had changed and it wasn’t compatible with XP.

The dx12 thing was completely different. There was basically no technical reason it couldn’t be on win8 and only a small technical reason it couldn’t be on 7. It was all political!