DirectX 9 is out

Radeon 9700 owners rejoice!

Available for download from Microsoft: DirectX9 Final

You guys all download it and test all the games, wouldja, and let me know how it works? Thanks!

Looks like they pulled it again. Only DX 8.1 and the RC0 for 9.0 are available now. The page you linked to isn’t there anymore.

Try this:

It worked for me.

– Xaroc

It seems like it’s not recommended to install it yet. From the inquirer:

A source close to Microsoft’s plans said that the download is really still a beta release candidate and not even RC1, and there will be more releases in the coming months.

That means, he said, that by then ATI will not have the only card that supports DX9 and that the driver support for this release is very very minimal.

Further, there does not yet seem to be a public SDK. Apparently Phil Taylor, in charge of the DirectX 9 programme at Microsoft recently left.

He said: “Anyone who uses this except on a spare machine is nuts.”

While I haven’t tested this download, although it is installed on my system at home, I have run both RC0 and RC2 on my system with no noticable problems. The inquirer is very anti-MS so it is no wonder they went trolling for any quote they could to bash MS. I would take anything they report about MS with grain of salt or perhaps a salt lick.

– Xaroc

Sometimes it seems like the inquirer is anti-everything. They do have pretty good sources however, and they are often the first to publish hardware news. You should of course take anything you read on the internet with a grain of salt, but in this case I’ve heard about the problems from other sources as well. And since no game requires dx9 yet it’s perhaps best to be careful. There was no information about dx9 on the DirectX Home Page when I posted this either.

Ah, sorry for the bum lead. The download page and the install certainly said nothing about it being anything but a release version.

Got the link off, where the overclocking fanatics were whining that the upgrade cost them a whopping 100 points in 3DMark. I think an electron farting at an inopportune moment can cost you 100 points in 3DMark…


LOL!!! :lol:

Speaking of the 9700 I am hearing rumors of new dx9 drivers soon, maybe before Xmas.

– Xaroc

EDIT: Merry Christmas!

Catalyst 3.0:

Just went live on ATI’s site this morning.

Also includes a link to the MS DX9 page, with not a word about it being a beta.

And the main Microsoft DirectX site now links to DX9 as well. So to the Inquirer, I say “Pfffffffffthhhhh!”

Also, if you want to only download this once for multiple machines (Microsoft’s “DX9 download” is just a stub app that download the full release when you run it), you can grab the all-in-one distribution at this link.

The SDK has also been released. I’ll download it and see how well it works, but I wouldn’t say “Pfffffffffthhhhh!” yet considering that it has only been out for a couple of hours.

Well, the Pfffth was to the Inquirer, which seems to trying to spread FUD. They also said there was no SDK ready, after all…

Has any of you tried to use DX9 with C# yet? That seems to be the most interesting part of the SDK at least. If things work out well we might see games released faster and needing fewer patches in five years or so.

The console trolls on these boards would say that’s because there will be no more PC games in 5 years. They’ll all be xbox2 games.

I have no idea what the Inquirer (!) is talking about. DX9 drivers and SDK are final. I’m on the Beta and got the notification this morning from MS.

Never trust anything you read on The Inquirer. Ever. It can be entertaining, but it’s hardly what I would call “fact,” and their “inside sources” are wrong all the damn time.

Downloading right now, and I’ll definitely give it a try. Managed DX might actually make DirectX programming tolerable.

Yes, that’s what I’m hoping for that as well. I started with DX5 and didn’t like it at all. It’s getting better all the time though, and maybe MDX will be nice. I’ve never liked COM and that’s something MDX should be able to take care of. Unfortunately it seems like you need VS.NET in order to install it, and in that case I will probably continue with SDL+OpenGL.

Well, it’s a rumor site we’re talking about, so I don’t think anyone would call it facts. They are often wrong, but on the other hand I have often found hardware news there first. A site that calls Microsoft the “Greate Vole of Software” should probably not be taken entirely seriously about their MS info… But in this case it was a rumor about software you didn’t need at a time when the official site didn’t have the update, so I thought it might be worth a warning at least.

While I haven’t checked I don’t think this is true. The .NET SDK is available as a free 120 MB download at MSDN Online, and it’s all you need (plus any programming editor of your choice) for any kind of .NET development. I don’t see how or why MDX would be different.

EDIT: I’ve installed the C# version of the DX9 SDK and now I see what you mean. The Readme specifically requires VS.NET, not just the .NET SDK, and the help for MDX is linked into the VS.NET help but not accessible on its own – as far as I can tell MS deliberately omitted the few required registry entries and/or declaration statements!

You might get by using the online help, though I don’t know if the actual SDK will work – possibly it’s also tied to VS.NET with some kind of dirty trick. What is this shit about, is Microsoft unhappy with VS.NET sales? I can’t see any technical reason for requiring VS.NET instead of the .NET SDK.