Directx 9a problem, maybe?

Ever since I installed DirectX 9a on the SWG discs, my pc has been locking up in Ron and Diablo 2. Anyone else have this problem?

I use DX9a and RoN works great here.

No problems with Diablo II on several systems here.

Have you also updated the graphics and sound drivers?

diablo 2 runs really choppy with a lot of visual glitches on my box right now. direct x 9a, geforce 4 4200, latest drivers. No lockups yet though

For Diablo II-- try turning off Direct3D support in the options.

And try the latest video drivers.

Make sure your system is actually stable-- run the stability tester overnight. If you can’t pass that, your computer has a fundamental problem that graphics drivers and game settings can’t possibly fix.

I have all the latest drivers. It’s only happened in RON and once in diablo 2. I’ll run the test.

Test ran for 9 hours, nothing wrong.

Sweet-yville. You can definitively rule out system instability.

Actually RON only froze up in multiplayer, and it happened almost every game