DirectX help

So I picked up Star Wars: Galaxies for my wife last week, after she expressed interest in it when she found out a bunch of our friends are playing. Since then, I have tried everything to get it to run, to no avail- updating Bios, motherboard, graphics and sound card drivers, tweakng everything in the BIOS, etc. It CTDs if I allow it to play the opening movie, and if I skip it, it CTDs when it hits the character generation screen. Tried turning the sound in the game off completely to make sure it wasn’t a sound problem.

The only thing I can think of, is that it’s a DirectX problem. SWG installs DX 9.0a, and I’m sure I installed it off the disk. I was looking around in the Display Properties settings, and in the “GEFORCE DDR” tab, it lists her installed DX version as still being v8.1. I tried downloading and running the installer from MS, and it seems to work perfectly (it DLs a bunch of stuff and installs it), says that it needs to reboot, but when I do that, the version is still listed as v8.1. She’s running XP Pro with SP1.

Does anyone know how to fix this? It just seems like the update isn’t ‘taking’, for lack of a better term. Can I uninstall DX somehow, and reinstall the new stuff? Can I update the files by hand, and where are they? Do I have to manually do anything else, too?

Thanks in advance.

Does the 9.0a stuff show up in dxdiag? Is d3d9.dll listed in the DirectX Files tab?

Did you have admin privileges during both boots?

Do you have the latest Nvidia drivers?

HAH! I’m not the only one with DX9A problems!!! Mine crashes in RoN and D2 though.

You might try this thread they have a link to a program to uninstall dx9 and reinstall dx8:

– Xaroc