DiRT (new Colin McRae)

does this have online racing? someone needs to do co-op in one of these rally games.

Tried the PC demo out… mixed reaction. Looks pretty and plays ok on medium settings, except for the dune buggy race … they need an option to scale down the car models for multi car races. The HDR is way overblown, as if you’re fresh out of the optmetrist’s with those drops in your eyes expanding your retinas. Control on my racing wheel feels sloppy, I’m always see-sawing around… something’s up there. If they can get performance up or offer more options to turn things down, and tighten up the controls, I might pick this one up.

Ah yes, I meant to mention that.

It does feel like HDR is enabled and cannot be disabled, thus the low Rainbow 6 Vegas-ish performance numbers that I saw on my X1900 XTX at 1024x768.

64-bit color ain’t free, folks.

Only entertain the idea of the console version if you have a wheel for your Xbox/360 - otherwise you’ll just be frustrating yourself after about 30 seconds.

I disagree. While it took some getting used to, and it would certainly be better if Microsoft made a good wheel, which they don’t, I rather enjoyed the demo and think this looks to be the best CMR since 02.

What I’d really like is to be able to use my Logi MOMO on 360.

Misguided, I think Kryten was talking about Richard Burns Rally. He was saying I should only entertain the console version of RBR if I have a wheel, which I don’t, so thanks for the advice Kryten. Looks like the console version of RBR is pretty rare anyway, and I certainly don’t want to spend too much on it.

EDIT: I did some time testing. In the Subaru, it takes me a little under 3 seconds to go from 0-60mph. (The 360 demo only has mph from the looks of things). It’s tough to get a fully accurate reading because the time is in the upper left and the speed is in the lower right. So you kind of have to be looking at the speed and quickly switch over to the time when you get close to 60.

The Evo seems to take quite a bit longer, around 5 seconds or longer, but I think that has to do with the fact that its a dirt track, and there’s less traction.

Regardless of whether or not the speeds are accurate, the simulation is crap.

I switched from playing Dirt for about an hour to playing Forza. In Forza it actually feels like you are driving cars. In Dirt it feels like you are driving a screen. Someone said early in the thread that older Colin Mcrae rally games felt like you were pivoting around a central point, and I’m convinced this is still true.

Ahhh, my apologies!
I haven’t played the console version of RBR, but I agree with respect to the PC version, a wheel and pedals with split axis capability are darned near a necessity. Wonderful, wonderful game.

Yeah, sorry for causing any confusion there. I did actually put some time into the Xbox version of RBR but it really was just far too hard, compared with the PC and wheel.

Nah, I wasn’t reading closely enough.
Yeah, I could see some of the maneuvers in RBR being ludicrous to pull off properly with a controller. But that’s why CMR is such a great game for a console (rather than PC). If RBR is analagous to Forza, then Colin McRae is Need for Speed. While RBR is the king of rally racers, IMO, Dirt looks like one of those games where it’s real enough that (bearing in mind I’m not a racing elitist) it feels like you’re driving a car while being forgiving enough to be approachable.

Having said that (and to get back on topic), Dirt looks like it may bring a real level of challenge I hadn’t anticipated. Lots of variety too, ala Rallisport Challenge, and it looks stunning.

DiRT (why the lower case i?) confuses me. I am not sure how to play it or how to steer it and nothing seems consistently rewarding. I’ll admit I am completely unfamiliar with how rally racing works so maybe I am just approaching it the wrong way.

I have the Xbox 360 wireless racing wheel which loves the Forza 2 demo. Today I just built a custom cockpit for the wheel and pedals and it fits and feels ever so great. The whole cockpit cost me about $17 and maybe 2 hours of labor. Forza 2 demo works incredibly well with the wheel and set up.

However, DiRT just seems to do whatever whenever. I am not certain if it uses the force feedback for much more than applying a steady tightness to the wheel (uses the rumble extensively though). The buggy feels incredibly floaty and I can’t keep the thing straight. The other cars feel glued to the ground and far too responsive. Coupled with the painfully fast acceleration it just feels unlike anything I’ve raced before.

That wasn’t a typo either, they are too responsive. In the hill climb I expected the car to have a bit of ‘give’ and soft skids because of the gravel. However it drove like glued pavement with non-stop wheel rumble. I just can’t figure out how to drive these cars.

The game does look and sound great, could it be the limited difficulty options might dumb down the sim part? It sounds like only the damage and oppounent difficulty is changed according to the demo stuff, maybe the pro levels have more realistic physics?

About RBR, it’s biggest problem was that the developer never released any tools to create new tracks. So, unlike other sims that were kept alive by community effort it kind of dies slowly.
However, an indie track builder is being adapted to RBR. Hopefully more tracks will show up and RBR will get a new life.

You need to make a thread about this.

Huh…sure didn’t feel like that with a controller. It’s been a long time since a CMR game had good force feedback (CMR 02), it’s one of my main complaints about the recent entries.

It’s hip. It’s now.

Still waiting for pictures of your homebrew racing cockpit, Holliday.

And please specify measurements, materials etc’.

Alright here you go:


Pics, measurements, instructions and more inside!

So the first reviews are out. IGN UK reviewed Colin McRae: DIRT, and IGN reviewed DIRT, both pretty favorably. Eurogamer also liked it. From all three reviews, I gather that the most common complaint is that on tracks against lots of racers, the framerate starts hiccuping and dropping below 30fps.

IGN’s review also touched upon something someone mentioned in this thread: that DIRT, like all the games in this series, still turns its cars around a central pivot point.

They all still liked the game a lot though. Apparently it has a really varied and rich career mode.

I found this part kind of funny from the Eurogamer review:

So apparently, not only does DIRT only feature the voices of Travis Pastrana and his navigator, but the international version of the game is exactly the same! :) Even though the game is called Colin McRae: DIRT.