DiRT Rally 2.0 - Ain't no ordinary Rally, it's evolved!

Welp, the 2008 Subaru Impreza possibly just took the 2005 Skoda Fabia’s crown as best car for a predictable, calm and stable drive. Handles like a dream so far whilst I smash it through Poland at high-speed, a location where it can be very easy to come unstuck whilst bouncing off the rev limiter in top gear. The 2007 Ford Focus RS Rally is a different beast to how it was in the original DiRT Rally, this feels much more lively and aggressive in a similar vein to the DiRT 4 version. Has the potential to be seriously fast but it also will require a bit more learning to adjust to the car’s characteristics, such as the car getting a little loose or understeery at high speed when getting off the throttle.

All in all, so far two thumbs up from me for the two new cars. The Ford Focus is a series staple but this is one of the few, if not first, times the 2008 Subaru Impreza has been in the series. Similar looking hatchback Subaru Imprezas have been in the franchise before, such as the 2011 NR4 variant in the original DiRT Rally, but never the original WRC car that Petter Solberg drove for the Subaru World Rally Team.

Thanks for that review of the 2008 Impreza Malkael. I think that will be my next purchase. I’m not having as much fun in the FWD H2 Golf GTI, so I might abandon that championship, and switch over to something else. Maybe even the new Subaru.

Btw, when I started the Pro Championship in the Golf, the 6 locations it picked happened to be the six that came with the game, no Monte Carlo. I’ll see if abandoning that and starting another will yield the same result, of it Monaco gets added this time.

Time for some more screenshots again. This time of the 2008 Subaru Impreza S14 kicking up the dust in Australia. The other cars in the 2000cc class on paper may be theoretically quicker, yet the Subaru is the one that has me going consistently quicker currently. Shall have to undertake the Citroen C4 acclimatization period again, that car is definitely setup for Sebastien Loeb’s driving style, soon though and see how I compare.

Picked this up today in the Humble sale. I’m pleased (and relieved) to find that it works on my system, but a quick shakedown makes it vividly clear that any lessons I learned in the first game have left me. I don’t see a tutorial/driving school thing. What’s the best way to learn/relearn how to drive one of these crazy things?

Well New England is probably one of the friendlier locations at the moment for gravel rallies, compared to how menacing some of the other location’s road can feel at first (e.g: Australia in the forest parts). Then pair it up with something FWD or AWD, because RWD is a learning experience in itself, like the H1 Mini Cooper, R2 cars if you want a bit more grunt, or if you have the DLC try the AWD 2000cc 2008 Subaru Impreza out.

Then the rest if kind of just driving a lot, it becomes second nature after a while since the physics and handling make fairly logical sense. Take it slow and steady and build up the pace from there, maybe focus on just a couple of cars at first to become really familiar with them. There are also plenty of videos on Youtube as well for some hints, tips and tricks.

Also, since I have been chasing some Time Trial times in New England today, enjoy some scenic screenshots.

Wasn’t it possible in the first game to play a custom (or random) championship with cars from your garage and earn money towards more? Is that not an option here? It looks like the only custom mode is in free play, and has no rewards? Is there any way to go back and play a championship at a previous level once you level up, then? Because would mean going up to Pro would be the end of the game for me, if so!

Edit: Having read around a bit, it appears not. That’s a major downgrade, and a weird one at that. There DO seem to be a lot more dailies and such, though. If you’ve got the extra tracks from the DLC are there even more of those? Any intimations they might add something a little more flexible to career mode?

Isn’t the custom championship for that purpose? I haven’t tried it yet. I recently reached Pro difficulty on Career, but I haven’t had time to do any races beyond the Daily challenges since then.

Sadly no, in that the custom championship 1) doesn’t use your garage or staff and 2) doesn’t award credits. It’s basically for testing stuff and otherwise seems pretty pointless.

Contents for Season 2 have been unveiled. Primarily Rallycross focused with two brand new tracks from the WRX series and the return of Group B Rallycross cars. For the Rally fans the brand new addition of the Porsche 911 SC RS, the return of the Lancia 037 Evo 2, and then Wales returns remastered.

Rallycross: euuughhh :(

Yeah, it’s a shame that we’re getting Germany RX instead of Greece (and Latvia RX instead of Finland) from the first game making a return. But hey, at least we’re getting Wales, which was the best tracks from the first game.

So the total I’ll end up spending:

$2 Skoda Fabia
$2 Subaru Impreza 2007 (so far)

$3 Monte Carlo (so far)
$4 Germany
$4? Wales

$15 total? I might end up buying a couple of more cars that you guys recommend, so maybe $19 total for the dlc content.

Edited Prices, since Germany is $4, not $3, so maybe Wales will be $4 as well.

The community suspects there is a pretty high chance of a third season at the least due to some cars that have been spotted in previous in-game developer videos that currently are not yet in the game nor scheduled to come to the game in Seasons 1 or 2. Looking at you specifically mysteriously so far absent 2001 Subaru Impreza…

So if all the rumours come true then there will be plenty more rally focused content in the future.

Yeah I bought the Super Mega Deluxe Edition so I get Season 2 included so I will get all that unused (for me) Rallycross stuff. Have to agree Wales was awesome in DR1.

Got to say I am struggling quite hard in Elite on R2 in the Peugeot 208, not seeing a promotion to Masters anytime soon!

If you buy piecemeal, you don’t get access to the D+ special events, right?

Haven’t had as much time to drive remastered Germany yet as I did Monte Carlo and Sweden, but what I have driven so far has been just as good as I remember it being from the original DiRT Rally. Still adjusting to the differences in braking distance, improvements in the handling characteristics between the different surface types (dirty asphalt, cobbles, etc), and such. So far though, another good remaster of an old classic DiRT Rally location and I can’t wait for Wales.

Also, obligatory video of someone going ridiculously fast around the place…

I was a little concerned with how uncompetitive my times were in the R2 Peugeot on Elite so I googled “R2 Elite crazy times wtf lol??”. First response was a Steam thread saying the first-place AI time on the R2 Elite stage they played was one second faster than the world record.

I feel a bit better now.

Apparently you need to equip an FTL drive to beat the AI on Masters!

On 5/21, the Daily track with the new German track was in a Group B RWD car category, and I had decided not to buy a car in that category in this game. In DiRT Rally, I never had fun in those. Just too powerful, combined with being hard to control.

On 5/22 I got try one of the tracks. Really nice! One weird thing, at the start of the race, the pouring rain, as my car drove up to the line in the little cutscene, it sounded like the brakes were being slammed on. Maybe the handbrake was on?

On 5/23 I tried another German daily challenge. This time it was a bright sunny day, and in the little cutscene before the race, once again, it sounded like my tires were jammed because I was braking. What the heck is going on in those little drive-up scenes?

Not only is much of the DLC on sale for up to 40% off, but you can also grab the Deluxe Edition upgrade for 40% off.

I’m waiting for VR support but this is tempting. I see complaints about long-broken force feedback though, anyone verify how that is? I’d be using a Logitech G27.

They just released a major patch aimed specifically at this. Personally I play on a controller so never noticed an issue.

I’ve been going back and forth on the Deluxe upgrade at that price, but the incredibly limited campaign mode is keeping me from committing. I really don’t understand why they got rid of the option to make shorter campaign tournaments and tournaments for specific locations.