DiRT Rally 2.0 - Ain't no ordinary Rally, it's evolved!

The Aston Martin should be in the base game if I remember correctly, just remember to check the RGT class for it. The Porsche in the RGT category was a pre-order incentive, the other three RGT cars should be included in the base roster.

So far the new Group B RWD Porsche 911 and Lancia 037 have been good fun to drive. I am fairly abysmal at RWD on the gravel or snow, but even the Group B RWD cars I don’t mind driving on the tarmac rallies. Though, apparently, however I have not tried it myself yet, the Lancia 037 is pretty manageable even on the looser dirt surfaces this time around.

Well, the BMW is definitely more controllable than it was in DiRT Rally 1, so I’m willing to believe that maybe the same is true of the Lancia 037. As I said above, I never could control the 037 in the first game, even in the tarmac stages like Germany, I just couldn’t get that beast under control.

I doubt I’ll spend money on the 037 though. I’m actually pretty happy with the BMW so far to race in that category.

Different topic: Last night I did the Weekly Challenge for “up to 2000cc” category, or whatever it’s called. My Subaru is already being used in the Campaign, so I couldn’t use that. My Skoda Fabia is already fully upgraded, so I decided not to use that, seems like a waste when I could level up a car, you know? So I used the Citroen C3. Wow, another amazing car in this category!

Honestly, this category has the best cars in the game. The game is at its most pleasurable driving around in these cars that do exactly what you want them to do. All 3 of these cars are so much fun to control, I feel like this is where the game really shines. It’s a shame that the game shipped with none of these cars, and they put all these cars as DLC. Not a single one in the base game.

It just seems like a baffling decision not to put your best category in the base game.

Oh wow. I left the PS4 controller plugged in by accident instead of the 360 controller.

Do NOT play this game with a PS4 controller. Wow. The difference is stark in steering. The tension of the thumbstick does not allow anywhere near the control you get with the 360 stick. Or, possibly it does eventually if you get used to it, but it’s really drastically different from Xbox thumbsticks.

All the Upto 2000cc class cars are pretty amazing to drive, and the 2007 Ford Focus RS is yet another great car, in my opinion. Which can partially be attributed to the era of WRC history that the cars happen to represent due to how advanced the technology was becoming in terms of aerodynamics, suspension, differentials, and other facets. That cars can not only reach amazing speeds but also have amazing handling to go with it, contrary to how the Group B cars are blisteringly fast but suffer in the handling department from less advanced suspension technology and the like.

Additionally, Patch 1.6 came out today:

Time for glorious, glorious Wales!.. And on first impressions it really does look great in DiRT Rally 2.0, while also being heavier on the FFB than a lot of locations. Going to take some practice before I am as quick around here as I eventually became in the original DiRT Rally.

It might be a familiar location, however, the way it drives (especially in the wet) is like night and day so far.

Thanks for the reminder. A full exploration of Wales will probably have to wait, since I’m playing Dark Souls 3 in all my spare daily moments. But I’ll try to find the time to at least give it a try soon.

Does the deluxe edition include all the DLC? If not, is any DLC outside of the deluxe version worth buying?

It has all the DLC so far. They mentioned it has the first two seasons. We’re in the middle of Season 2 content right now, a bit more to go. I’m hoping there’s more seasons coming though.

Wow, you weren’t kidding about the wet driving. In DiRT Rally, the wet version of the track felt like the mud between the gravel made the gravel less loose, so it felt less slippery, more like tarmac. Now in DiRT Rally 2.0, the wet version is different visually first of all, since you can see that there’s so much water that there’s a lot more mud this time, and secondly, the additional mud means it’s slippery, slippery, slippery. It’s more slippery than any of the tracks in 2.0 so far.

Good to know, thanks. The Humble Store has the deluxe edition on sale for $34 including the monthly subscriber discount. I’m debating whether to pick it up now, or wait and see how all the DLC shakes out.

(image stolen shamelessly from @Rock8man’s post above.)

The season pass is supposed to be season 1 and 2, so everything that’s been released so far plus the remainder of the schedule above. As Rock8man mentioned, there’s almost certainly going to be (at least) a season 3 as well, which I expect they’ll charge for separate. Seasons 1 and 2 do contain a LOT of content, though, so I don’t think it’s a bad deal (especially at that price point).

Personally, I’m really hoping for Greece in season 3, I miss those tracks.

And for reference here’s Season 1’s content, which was quite extensive.

That’s 4 new rally locations so far (all from the first DiRT Rally).
It also includes the best cars in the game by the way. Totally worth it.

I haven’t played much rally cross in DiRT Rally 2.0 yet, since it all felt like the same thing over and over again in the first game. But I have to admit, this looks like fun, and it looks different from any of the Rally Cross experiences in the first game:

Checked the deluxe edition again at the Humble Store, and this time it showed $32. Not sure why the difference, but I bought it. Will probably have to wait until the weekend to really get into it.

Edge of your seat kind of stuff even just watching it, let alone attempting to mimic it in the game.

That’s exactly how I drive. Except they’ve edited out the bits where I faceplant a tree.

Heads up. Today’s bonus daily challenge is a Wales track in the most fun category cars in the game (“up to 2000cc”, or whatever it’s called).

And here’s the other long stage from Wales, Sweet Lamb, for anyone who was curious how that would look driven flat out. Has to still be one of my favourite stages in a DiRT game thanks to the stadium section.

Meanwhile, had an unexpected moment occur during my R2 event in Germany during the windy forest section. Fortunately, the car of the other competitor was sufficiently off to the outside of the corner that it did not really have an effect on my racing line or anything, so just a cool surprise.

New patch (v1.7) coming Thursday, 8th August. Coming with it is some surprise new content alongside an assortment of bugs fixes. That’s not all though apparently, some more surprises for the game to be revealed closer to the date of the patch.

New Location: DirtFish (Test Drive only)
New Livery: DirtFish – SUBARU WRX STI NR4
New Livery: DirtFish – Opel Adam R2
New Livery: DirtFish – Ford Fiesta OMSE SuperCar Lites
New Livery: DirtFish – BMW E30 M3 Evo Rally
New Livery: Per-Inge Walfridsson – Lancia Stratos

“DirtFish has been added to DiRT Rally 2.0 as a Test Drive location, and with it come a bunch of new liveries. To access the location select [Garage] from the My Team main menu, and then [Vehicle Options] and [Test Drive]”.

Been throwing some R2s around a wet Wales if anyone wants a fun challenge. Otherwise, enjoy some beautiful screenshots from my run through Bidno Moorlands. Wet surface Wales has to be one of my favourite locations at the moment.