DiRT Rally 2.0 - Ain't no ordinary Rally, it's evolved!

I need to get to playing this more. I’m still so early in the campaign but…so many different games to play. This one takes up so much time if I want to improve at it.

Weight reduction package.

Just as long as it isn’t wet though, otherwise the ol’ drivers overalls might get a bit muddy by the end. Got the car nice and muddy doing some wet R2 time trials in Poland recently.

VR support just dropped with the new 1.7 update! Also includes support for OpenVR thanks to Steam, for those non-Oculus users. Patch notes and stuff over here!

Another two seasons worth of content announced to be coming to the game. Kicking it all off with Season 3 starting in 27th August with the 2001 Ford Focus and Subaru Impreza. New content to the series includes the Peugeot 206, VW Golf Kitcar, Yas Marina RX, and Killarney RX.

Greece already looking rather fabulous, so can’t wait for the return of both it and Finland.

I’m a tad bit disappointed that the only Rally courses we’re getting are from the first DiRT Rally. On the other hand, yay for Greece and Finland! I’m probably just going to keep flat out dying in Finland, but you never know. I kept flat out dying in DiRT Rally in Group B RWD cars, but managed to keep them under control in this game, so you never know, maybe the improved physics will let me tackle Finland and actually finish some courses at a good speed.

Well, Season 3 is an easy buy and season 4 is an easy skip based on that. Yay for the return of Greece, which was always my favorite location in Dirt Rally.

Yeah, me too. When both Greece AND Finland were in season 3 I thought sure we’d be getting something new in 4. Turns out 4’s nothing but Rallycross. Bummer.

Sure, but remember there was no way to buy just Season 1 or 2. Either you bought the Deluxe content (which contained both seasons), or you bought individual DLC like I did. I wonder if they’ll change that now, and offer Season 3 and 4 separately? I doubt it.

Oh here we go, it was on their blog from the Seasons 3 and 4 announcement, at the end:

So I’ll have to decide between getting Season 3 and 4 together, or individual DLC. This time I might actually get the pack. There’s nothing like Sweden to be afraid of and avoid, even though I’m not going to use the Rally Cross stuff.

I’ll have to assess. Honestly, the only thing I care about in there is Greece, so I might just buy that and be done with it. I guess it will depend on how they price the package.

You should at least buy one of the four kit cars though. That way you’ll have a car in that category for the Daily/Weekly/Monthly challenges. Plus they mention that the FWD kit car category will be a good one for new players to learn the game on. I think it will be a good progression from the Historic FWD category to that one if you’re playing campaign.

I know nothing about cars, really - aside from the two clearly labeled “Kit Car” which other two are kit cars? Greece and a car pack or two is still sure to be cheaper than the whole shebang.

Heheh, I don’t know too much about cars either, especially rally cars. But I assumed the ones being released with the other kit cars in the name were also kit cars. I could be wrong though. But I’d guess the Peugeot 306 Maxi and the Peugot 206 Rally were in the same category since they’re being released with ones which have kit car in the name.

I wonder what category the Subaru and Ford Focus fall into? 4WD Under 2000ccs?

The 2001 Ford Focus RS and 2001 Subaru Impreza will very likely be in the Upto 2000cc 4WD class, as will the Peugeot 206 Rally. They all come from the early 2000s era of the World Rally Championship. The Seat Ibiza, Peugeot 306 Maxi and Volkswagen Golf will all be in the Kit Car class, probably called “F2” if it is anything like the previous game’s class categorisation.

The Kit Cars are going to be the apex predator of the FWD tree, more horsepower than the modern R2s and lighter weight to boot. That Peugeot 306 Maxi is going to have some serious grunt to it, and has a crazy good power-to-weight ratio that even the 2000cc and R5 cars would be envious of. So in terms of progression, the R2 class makes more sense to hop into after getting to grips with the H1-FWD and\or H2-FWD classes.

Wohoo! Time to drive sideways while also looking out the side window & trying not to hurl!


It’s pretty cool that we’re less than two weeks away from the new Rally cars, and less than a month away from the Greece tracks being released. I didn’t expect the new stuff to be suddenly upon us right after the announcement.

Last night I started doing the New England rally in the campaign. It’s the last section of the Pro Championship. I’m doing really well, first place so far, and it’s a hell of a lot of fun in my Subaru Impreza. Unfortunately the overall championship results are not liable to change no matter what happens in New England. I’m well behind first place, and well ahead of 3rd place, so no matter the results, I will end this championship in 2nd place, and I will get promoted from Pro to… well, whatever follows Pro.

The 4WD Under 2000cc is such a fun category, I might actually stick with that category on the next tier above Pro. My other choice would be the NR4 category or whatever that’s called. I’ve got a subaru in that category too, but for some reason that Subaru isn’t nearly as fun to drive. The R5 category I chose the VW Polo that’s the cover car for this game. But you know, for being the cover car, it’s not as fun as the Ford Fiesta I drove in the first game in this category. Maybe I’ll stop leveling up the VW Polo and buy a Ford Fiesta.

Btw, most of the DLC is on sale on Steam, with the exception of a couple of items.

I’m tempted to get the Ford Focus, it’s the only car I don’t have yet in the under 2000cc category.

Update: So I got the Ford Focus during that last sale. I’ve been driving it in the Daily Challenges that require this class of car, and I’m really loving it so far. Just like the other 3 cars I bought in this category, it’s just powerful enough and maneuverable enough to be the best mix of the two.

Plus I love the engine growl of the Ford Focus. It’s got bite!

Yeah, I love all four of the cars from the 2000cc class. Each is enjoyable to drive in part to how well they handle in-spite of how much power they can generate, yet extracting the maximum performance from them still requires some skill so there is still that element of satisfying progression as you get better. The 2007 Ford Focus is even pretty simple to make a bit more tail-happy if so desired, as simply adjusting the strength of the centre differential towards being looser (less strong) allows the rear end to step out more.

I have a soft spot for the Subaru Impreza though since it is probably the least fancied of the cars in the class.