DiRT Rally 2.0 - Ain't no ordinary Rally, it's evolved!


Looks great, time to break out the wheel and pedals…


And an upside down bit.


It has New Zealand.




Who put all those rocks next to that nice rally course?


I’m not convinced that this is a good way to record pace notes.


Titans! It always freaks me out when co-drivers calmly tell me there are Titans up ahead.



I’m more of a Black Dragons kind of guy myself, if you know what I mean, haha.

The French and German pacenotes should be a lot better this time around as well since Codemasters have been giving those languages the same attention to detail the English pacenotes got in DiRT Rally and are getting in DiRT Rally 2.0. The foreign language pacenotes in DiRT Rally weren’t quite up to the same standard as the English language ones and had some areas where they were a bit hit or miss apparently.

Fascinating the kind of detail they go into to make the audio recording sound as authentic as possible. Though for the likes of Phil Mills, getting thrown around like that is probably just another day on the job considering some of the g-forces they experience in those rally cars in real life.



For the high stress portion they should’ve just had his wife yelling at him about unpaid bills, and his boss getting on his ass about a report he had due.


The second live DiRT Show just wrapped up recently and showcased some real-wheel drive handling with Ford Escord Mk 2 in long stages from New Zealand and Argentina. Not really qualified enough on RWD handling to give many informed thoughts on the realism, but it certainly looks like it should be a fun challenge to get to grips with at least. Seems like an improvement on DiRT 4 and more akin to DiRT Rally, says something when even someone like Jon Armstrong has to work to keep the car headed where he wants it to go and a mistake can lead to the car spinning around.


Just adding this to my Steam wishlist and I saw the release date is February 25th. That’s an insane time of the year. I’m not sure I’ll get to it right away then.


I’ll probably play it on day one.

As in I already have the day marked as vacation in my work Outlook.


Same here. That release date just meant that the other triple-A releases around that date will just have to wait.


I don’t remember ever planning to take a day off work just to play a game, but I plan to stay home March 8th for Devil May Cry 5!


I just took two days off to play stuff on my new PC my own self.


Hype rising. A little over two months left.


I’m a little sad that the 2000s and 2010s don’t get their own highlighted car in that trailer.


Putting the Alpine up front like that is essentially cheating, because I was frantically mash LIKE on anything that starts with that. I only hope they’ve gone back to the Dirt Rally Alpine model because that thing was spectacular and the Dirt 4 version was so bland.


It’s really so good. I’ve never made it past the 60s in a career (end up moving on to other things), but the Lancia and Mini just feel like total balls next to it.


Back when I played, the Lancia and Mini were the only two options for the 60s vehicles, so I’ve never tried the Alpine.