DiRT Rally 2.0 - Ain't no ordinary Rally, it's evolved!


Are there any other cars that have ever competed in rally racing aside from the Ford Escort, Audi Quattro, and Subaru Impreza? You might not know if your entire experience comes from rally videogames!


And you had to drive uphill both ways in the snow!


Luckily, snow was not in the game yet! I loved it. The addition of Sweden to the game is what finally made me play less frequently, and then eventually stop playing.


Time for some more live Dirt Show goodness, with not just one but two streams in the end. Also get a good look at Spain and Poland for the first time, both again based on famous real-life WRC stages.


Getting close. I’m probably going to buy it on PC again. I just really enjoy sitting right next to the monitor, it helps to see through the windshield. I tried the first game on Xbox, and sitting back from the TV seemed like a downgrade in comparison.


Looking at the Steam page, it looks like you can buy the Day One version at $60, which has the Porsche car and early unlocks for 3 cars.

And then there’s the Deluxe edition for $80, which includes 2 ‘seasons’.

3 extra tracks per season sounds pretty cool. My only hesitation is that the minimum requirements on the steam page mention the Intel i3-2130, which is about 10% faster than my i5-750, judging by the Passmark scores for the two.


Gosh, I want to play that so badly.

But I really should wait, even though I don’t normally do that. So much backlog, there’s no reason to jump into DiRT Rally 2.0 right now. Plus I’m pretty sure I’m going to owe taxes this year instead of getting a refund, thanks to the new tax law. So I really don’t think I can afford a new game right now anyway.


Forza Horizon trained me that sticking to the track is for the weak.




Ooh! Now they may have my money!


It suddenly strips i me how much that cover art reminded me of this



I love this rally course from watching this video, I hope it makes it into the series one day.


Those graphics aren’t great. Bit flat.


My knuckles were turning white just watching that. Wow.


Surface degradation?


Yeah. If you’re one of the later runners in a stage then you’ll see ruts in the road from the other drivers having already gone.


Yeah, they talk about it in the video as if it’s a smooth transition, but the video images just made it look like they have three phases of degradation per track: Fresh, not-as-fresh, and well ridden.


From the EA videos I saw, before the stage you get told which of the three stages the track is in but it’s not like the whole track is in one of those three. Actual track wear seems to live along a curve with the section of wear curve you see dependent on original surface and how many runners have gone already.

The “mid-wear” run I saw yesterday had some sections with no apparent difference except the loose surface was swept off and then a few of the sharper corners had some ruts that would grab the car if you didn’t modify your line to accommodate them.


That’s cool. Only Rally game I played that did that before was Sega Rally.


Yeah, the road degradation has a lot more gradients to it behind the scenes than just the three progressive states shown by the UI. So within each of the three displayed road states exists further progressive states of road degradation, so driving earlier on a “mid-wear” road state will have subtle differences to tackling it later after several more cars have passed over it.