DiRT Rally 2.0 - Ain't no ordinary Rally, it's evolved!


I only do Medium or Soft (or wet if in Spain). Only have tried hard for two 10+km stages back to back, where it helps to preserve the tires.

I feel Argentina and Australia show less tire degradation overall, while Spain and Poland feel very noticeable different between fresh and worn tires.


I forget, what kind of leaderboard stuff does this game have? Is there a leaderboard per track and car, or just for events?

I’m playing Forza Horizon 4 and I can’t stop thinking that it would be more fun to play something that focuses on the races instead of the fluff that Horizon adds. Don’t get me wrong, I like Horizon and the leaderboards are fun - but Dirt Rally is more focused on racing.


Forza Horizon 4 has better leaderboards than DiRT Rally sadly.

I haven’t played anything in DiRT Rally 2.0 yet that shows me any times from people on my friends list.

In the first DiRT Rally, we setup some weekly races that everyone at Qt3 would do so we could compare times. That didn’t last long, but while it was on, it was a lot of fun. But basically we have to put in all the work to arrange it, the game doesn’t do much of that.

With Horizon 4, Rivals mode takes care of a lot of that stuff for us. It’s way easier to compete in that game.


And that’s a 1st place in Spain. So far 3rd, 2nd 1st. At this point I think I’ll go to Pro difficulty after the championship. One more podium and it’s a done deal.

Once in pro I’m thinking on moving to H3 (RWD) cars and after raging enough move to Group B and the mighty AWD


That’s a bummer. I thought the first Dirt Rally had leader boards by track and car, so you could compare how everyone did with car X on a certain track. This doesn’t have leader boards (free mode -> time trial)?

I remember those weekly races, they were fun. I still like hunkering down on a track and contimually trying to improve my time to climb up the friends list though.

Looks like there is even cross platform leader boards.


Ah, so that’s what time trial is. I was wondering what that meant.

I’ll probably be playing the campaign for a while though. Just like with the first game, until you make some money and buy and upgrade all the cars in each group, you can’t really take part in the daily challenges and weekly challenges. So if I went into the time trial menu, I would just be delaying my ability to compete in the other stuff, which is a source of income as well.


Don’t be surprised if I join you in this game. I shouldn’t, but don’t be surprised :-)



Sweden April 23! I look forward to more sideways shenanigans.

Hopefully that snowman is in the game too.


God, I miss Monte Carlo. I wish I could get it without getting Sweden. :(

Looks like “Germany Rally” is coming on May 21st, and is also part of Season 1. So I’m going to miss out on both Monte Carlo and Germany because of stupid Sweden. Arrrrgh. This sucks.

On the other hand, I really appreciate that the base game doesn’t have Sweden. So I should switch to that glass half full perspective. Have fun running into snow banks constantly suckers. :-P


Honestly, can Sweden be worse than Australia or Argentina? Or wet Spain?


Man, I’ve never seen anybody with such a hatred of Sweden!


In DiRT 1, it was substantially easier than Finland, in my experience.


OK, it’s not just me. That’s good to know! Frankly, the snow tracks were kinder to me that several of the other options in DR1.

On another note, this DLC seems… fast. How many tracks/environments are in the base game?


Heck yeah! So much worse! Poland, Argentina, Wet Spain, Australia and New Zealand are fun! Sweden was not. That’s the difference. If it was fun for me to drive those tracks, I probably could have gotten better on them.

Thinking about it some more, I am okay with not being able to Monte Carlo and Germany in 2.0. I can always go back to DiRT Rally for those tracks. Though I do wonder if they’re going to add to them in any way in 2.0. After all, the locations in 2.0 have many more variations and places, it feels like.

Meanwhile, in my Porsche 911 Rally last night, I made it most of the way through Australia. I started off in 25th place after the first stage, and I said “I can do better”. So I restarted it. And did worse. So I restarted. And I did worse. So I restarted, and I finally got 26th place, and said “fuck it, good enough”. Luckily, in the next 3 rounds, I didn’t do any restarts, and have been slowly improving my standing. I think 2 rounds to go, and I’m in 19th place now.


I wonder if there’s a difference for some tracks between using a controller vs wheel? Sweden was never my favorite but it wasn’t too bad and Finland was my favorite. I was using a G25.


Maybe that’s it. I do play with a controller.

But I think it’s more the sameness of Sweden. There’s only a couple of spots where they’re s a red house, and some buildings. Other than that it’s just evergreen trees and every place looks like every other place. And there’s large sections where you’re walled in by snow, it feels like you’re playing a game on rails. What is even the point of a driving game on rails? And yet, I can’t do well in it either, perhaps because I’m so bored by it, perhaps because the sameness of the terrain means I can never learn the tracks intuitively.

For the record, I agree that Finland is way harder than Sweden. Finland is way harder than anything else in any of these games.

So if Finland is a 10 on difficulty, the next highest difficulty in the game is maybe a 6 or a 5 in comparison.


I only ever used a controller and Finland was way harder for me than Sweden, I think it’s just individual experience/preference.


Are you still doing the campaign or one of the online races?


Still the campaign.

Though I did find an intriguing used car. H2 FWD Golf GTI. And there’s something in the game called an “AI Daily Challenge”. I’m not exactly sure what makes it different from a regular Daily Challenge. I guess instead of other people’s times, you’re racing against AI times? So preset times determined by the developers, I guess? Anyway, I raced the Golf GTI in that race, and it handles beautifully. Compared to both the Fulvia and the Porsche it is a dream to drive. But even though I thought I drove the best that I possibly could, with no errors, no mistakes, no crashes, I was over a minute behind the AI time. So I’m not even sure how I’m supposed to improve that much.