Dirt Showdown: A side excursion into Destruction Derby

A new Dirt game is coming! But it’s a destruction derby game. Still, that kind of stuff was pretty fun in GRID, so I’m kinda looking forward to it. Maybe.

Eurogamer Preview: Driving Dirty

Well, I loved Flatout. I know I’ll have some fun with this, but to be honest the truck stages of Dirt1-3 already have a derby feel.

Every new Codemasters racing game I have to hunt for hacks to put the camera and FOV in the right place… I’d’ve preferred to skip this new one and just have them release a few new rally stages for Dirt3… the last DLC was great.

They released DLC with rally stages for Dirt3? Cool, I’ll have to watch out for that. I’m promising myself I won’t get Dirt 3 until I’ve played through the other racing games I’m still trying to go through.

OOhhhh, this is is anywhere NEAR as good as Test Drive: Eve of Destruction, I’m down. Reading that preview totally reminded me of that game.

Yeah, Monte Carlo… tight, handbrake-heavy mountain roads on snow and ice… some good stuff there. Kind of like a more expansive, fleshed out Croatia from Dirt2.

The Destruction Derby was my favourite part of Grid, so I’m happy about this.

Can we get rid of the gymkhana and throw in some jump races, chain races, suicide races, etc?

Tom, this may be the closest we get to a modern Eve of Destruction.

Oh yes, oh yes please.

This thread reminded me I need to get back into Dirt 3.

Then I saw the word “gymkhana” and remembered why I stopped playing it.

Seriously, who the fuck likes these events? They’re like the escort missions of racing games.

winces Ouch, really? I’ve only dabbled a bit in Dirt 3, but that sounds awful.

Don’t blaspheme.


I dunno mate, based on that Eurogamer preview I read, it reminded in in a lot of ways of EoD.

God, just talking about that game makes me wanna find a cheap Xbox just to play it.

Edit: Oh, there was a PS2 version! One more reason to consider getting a PS2

No, not blasphemy, just wishful thinking. A remake with Flatout or Dirt-level graphics would be so wonderful. Now there’s a Kickstarter project I’d donate to…

You can complete all the D3 levels without completing the gymkhana events. Progress to next level is by scoring, and getting a high enough score to advance without gymkhana is not hard. I know, because I am not a gymkhana fan at all.

EoD was just so fucking unique that I am never going to get my hopes up that we’ll see anything like it ever again. :(

Sigh, yeah, I’ve mostly given up hope on that too, but a game coming close to what it offered would be welcomed.

Man I miss leaving Grandma’s single wide, flying down that dirt road to the junk yard, searching through those heaps for that special jewl and fixin her up for the next event!

Yup… after the very first round, I completely ignored all the Gymkhana events. There are no crappy block breaking exercises like in D2 either. The crossover events from D1 are also back in D3, which is fine by me since I quite enjoy them.

Bottom line is D3 is easily the best Dirt so far, so if you haven’t played it yet you should quit farting around and get to it.

I couldn’t disagree more. Dirt 2 had far better world building than any driving game other than Midnight Club: Los Angeles. What awesome places to race. Dirt 3 was a disappointing step backwards that added, well, I guess those gymkata events…


I have to agree with Tom, based on what little of Dirt 3 I’ve played. I’ve put a few dozen hours into Dirt 2 so far, and it’s become of my favorite driving games ever. Dirt 3 felt so…sterile, by comparison.